Netgear 6220 luci 19.07.7 no updates

I just found that no recent updates were shown when i checked
software >> updates >> updates list on my router
but when i get to website
there is a lot of updates
What is wrong?

Did you refresh the package list?

i get "No information available"

getting to this site:
Index of /releases/19.07.7/packages/mipsel_24kc/luci/ (

Are there package release dates on the right?

The date on the right is the last compilation date, not the date of last modification.
For example luci-app-adblock_git-21.107.58152-c19c716-1_all.ipk has been modified in year 2021, day 107 which is april 17. Even if you can read may 2.
If Luci doesn't show any new package to update, well there is no any :slight_smile:
BTW I had a couple of files updated yesterday (busybox ...)

Many thx bro!
I thought that something wrong with updates on my router.
I think the previous version had more frequent updates
have a nice day!

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