Need the procedure to install OpenWrt firmware in TP Link Archer A6 v4 router


I Procured 2 router with TP Link Archer A6 model.
One Router came with model Archer A6 v3 and the other one v4.I am able to install the Openwrt Firmware in TP Link Archer A6 v3 by following the below source.

But not able to get any info to install the OpenWrt firmware in v4 version model.

Can anyone help me with the process and .bin installation firmware file?


Then it's not supported.

No one can help you with this.
As you might have read here, before you asked the same question.

The V4 uses a completely different CPU chip than the V3. Since the flash storage is only 4 MB, it is never going to be supportable. Return the v4 and buy different hardware.

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