OpenWrt support for TP Archer A6 v4

Hi everyone, I have a question, is it possible to install OpenWrt on the TPLINK ARCHER A6 v.4 router ?? I bought such a router yesterday thinking that it is version 3.x and it turned out to be version 4? Is there a chance for some support or how to add data to the project to be able to compile it yourself? Thank you in advance for your help.

Archer A6 v4 has a MediaTek TP1900BN SoC and it's not supported by OpenWrt and Linux Kernel.

So, Archer A6 v4 is not supportable by OpenWrt.

Note: Archer A6 v3 has a MediaTek MT7621DAT SoC.

@Leon69 Have you succeeded on installing the Openwrt firmware in Archer A6 Version V4 models?
Please do let me know i am trying the same,It will be helpful to understand your experience in this TPLINK version V4 model.

Wow dude,

what part of the "not supportable" replies were hard to understand?

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