Need help setting up OpenWrt upgrade

Hello to anyone willing to help a travel RN not a coder. I purchased a modem/router from a gentleman online which had already been setup but this person. He gave me directions to only change the channels for better signal but I know nothing. So, I did something I probably should not have done and upgraded the open art firmware but apparently the upgrade did not keep the previous settings and I am lost and need someone to either sent me some simple directions of how to setup WiFi and Ethernet access on the router. I’m not asking for help to further my knowledge in coding and have no intentions of learning. I’m the type of person that relies on people that are experts in whatever service that I’m looking for. This is way over my head and I need it fixed. So, please can someone either call me or send me some very easy instructions on how to do the basic setup. Ive tried to watch a couple youtube videos even the basic setup was to complicated and I get frustrated so I’m done trying.
Thank you very much
Todd Cunningham

Might be a good idea to remove your phone number and email. You can use the forum PM feature for people to contact you without exposing your details.

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The information you provided is unclear. You state you did something to "ART firmware"...but then go on to describe a working router.

  • If you're sure you somehow flashed toasted your WiFi

Most importantly:

  • You didn't tell us the make/model of the device, nor what version of OpenWrt you're running.
  • It's quite dangerous to post your Personally Idetifiableianle Information online :warning:
  • You never state what setup issues you're having
    • Ethernet access works by default in OpenWrt
    • If you have Ethernet access, simply the activate WiFi in Wireless settings
  • You don't need code to setup a router

I’m a 56yo grown man and I don’t need to be fussed like a child. Your saying things that I don’t even know. Did you see where I’m a nurse? I wouldn’t be asking for help if I knew what I was doing. That’s why I didn’t want to do anything and make things worse. Why can’t I say what problem I’m having? So, I’m gonna give you all the info that you asked for. All I did was look up my device in the device list and I followed step by step on upgrading to a newer version of OpenWrt. I really do appreciate you responding to help me. I know nothing about coding, and like I said, I tried to look at a few YouTube videos. I just want someone to help me get it right or point me in the right direction to someone who can. Again, thank you and if you think you can help me, I’m willing to follow whatever you tell me to do. Right after I upgraded to a newer version, I realized I should have asked someone for help.

  1. Model of device: ZBT-WE826 (16m)
  2. Architecture: MediaTek MT 7620A ver:2 eco:6
  3. Firmware version: OpenWrt 19.07.7 r11306-c4a6861c72 Luci OpenWrt-19.07 branch git-21.044.30835-34eod65
  4. Kernel version: 4.14.221

Wow...I guess that's why you're having tech issues?


Since you think you're being fussed at, I'll stop trying to assist. Have a god day.

That's not clear...but since you think I'm fussing at you, it's of no consequence. I hope the best for your setup.

  • You don't say what you upgraded from :warning:

I told you; but you said you don't know and I'm fussing at you.

You should try not taking your anger out on people trying to help you [possibly for free]; and save an traveling RN with a phone number near NOLA - from identify theft. If you started saying things I don't understand, I wouldn't tell you you're fussing at me cause you're a nurse - I'd ask questions.

(BTW, you never clearly stated what you didn't understand...kinda hard to help someone with WiFi when they need Ethernet...and hard to "setup Ethernet" when it already works by more information is needed...if it stopped working after upgrade, you may need to reset your router. Lastly, you note "ART Upgrade" - this makes no sense in legal or OpenWrt contexts. I'm starting to think you misspelled your title and it should actually read: "Need help setting up OpenWrt upgrade" If you actually "upgraded ART", WiFi likely won't work. :wink: )

So your talking about me being angry, and you are just gonna tag out and leave me hanging? Can you just tell me where I can go to get or bring it to someone. I wasn’t asking for anything for free. I even said I would pay you if need be. I’m sorry if I appeared angry. I’m far from angry and I just want to get it working if I need to pay you ,then I’ll pay you.

Nurse Todd,

Are you reading the answers I have provided?

And if so but they're not helping, just tell me exactly what you want/need instead, agreed?


OK, here we go:

You were told what to do with setting up WiFi and Ethernet.

All you need to do is help the community help calmly answering the questions needed to assist you. I don't understand how paying someone or shipping your router to someone you don't trust is safe or even ensures you get a working router.

Similar to me fussing?

But if you can respond (or say what you do not understand), we can move this along.

Is there a way to check somewhere what version I had. So, I connect wireless but it only stays connected for a short period of time then it disconnects. I use the Ethernet on my laptop but it keep on saying no internet access ,then I let windows try to fix it, then it states need to restart network , then my laptop restarts then the same issue

Probably not...I think we're veering off topic, and you still haven't clarified the title of your thread.

This is useful; because it implies it's config still works (to some extent). Now we really need to know now if you misspelled your title. It's become important. don't even say if you have the router plugged in (and Windows can't "fix" your router in that sense). So instead let's try to see if you can access the device itself:

  • Can you see of your Windows device was issued an IP address?
  • Can you try to access the web GUI of the router at the router IP?

Yes, I meant to say qrt

You mean OpenWrt, correct?

If so, I will edit the title for you.

In a PM you noted you're in the router.

First, please answer:

Next, I would advise:

  • Going to the Firmware Backup page
  • Make a confg backup
  • Reset router to defaults

:warning: At this time the router (including WiFi) will be reset to defaults.

I would then setup the Access Point again. You can enable/rename/rekey the Access Point in the Wireless menu of the router.

Regarding Internet:

  • Your connection is Ethernet based plugged into the WAN/Interent port correct?

I’m on my phone now because the connection from the router keeps disconnecting

You already told us this, so you're gonna use Ethernet, and reset your router as above, correct?

If you mean using the phone to posting here - the same still applies and the link to reset is above.

(This also implies your Internet was working on the have to be clear what is/is not connecting, etc.)

I can’t get the Ethernet to work on my laptop.


  • So can you clearly explain what you meant in a PM by "im getting into the router what do you need to know next"?
  • Also, 4th time, did you mean OpenWrt?

Is there a reason you keep marking posts as the solution???

I’m still trying to reset the modem . Which tab is the backup firmware on

OK...Imma try again:

Please answer me:

Do you mean OpenWrt?

(I won't proceed till you answer that first. After you answer - then I fix the page's title. Then we discuss the modem and firmware page.)

(Again in a PM, I'm not aggravated, you're just failing to answer questions needed to assist you...and pressing buttons that cause your own inquiry to close in 10 days.)

So I did the backup config. Where do I set the defaults at

Please answer me.

(If you proceed and it's not official software because you refuse to answer, I warned you!)