Need help, moving from iwrt

Hi everyone,

I had recently bought a xiaomi redmi ax6000 router and flashed immortalwrt following the instructions from here,

Now I want to move to openwrt, what should I do ? if the steps are mentioned it would be helpful. I am currently using the Openwrt U-Boot layout. Thanks.

Do it again but using OpenWrt sysupgrade.

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but the ubi files and uboot files are from immortalwrt would sysupgrade do the complete job or could it brick the router?

The recommended path is to reinstall the vendor/stock firmware, and then move to OpenWrt from there. This prevents a situation where incorrect partition tables or other differences between the firmware in question could cause a brick.

If your device has a tftp recovery method (or something similar) you may be able to go directly to OpenWrt, but it is still recommended to have the stock firmware as the starting point.


but as far as I know this router does indeed have a tftp but on the device page it probably says I need to use UART or something for the openwrt uboot layout? If you can help me out thanks. But since I am using openwrt uboot the recovery is from openwrt.

I am not familiar with that device, personally, so I won't be able to help you with anything device specific. The best thing to do is follow the instuctions exactly as they are written. If it says you need a UART connection, I would not doubt that it is indeed necessary.

You can also search the forums for other people's experiences (and/or issues) with OpenWrt installation on that device.

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can anyone help me with this issue. Thanks

Please do not crosspost... I've merged your previous post back into your thread since it your issue is different than the one you crossposted to (that one is about adding support for the device, you are asking about the installation process when starting from a different firmware).

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i thought since they are active in that topic for that specific device, they would be able to help me out faster.

Most of the contributors here will see this thread.... if they have the knowledge and wish to help, they will do it here.

It is important to stick to your own thread for two reasons:

  1. asking the same (or similar) question is multiple threads may cause the conversation to be split between those threads, making it extremely confusing for everyone, and reducing the speed of resolution.
  2. We aim to keep each thread on-topic to the best extent possible. You have a very specific question, and you asked it here. It was off-topic in the other thread.
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ok I didn't know that, thanks for correcting me.

If you have used the U-boot mod layout, see the wiki note point #2 under installation.

Users will not be able to revert back to the vendor firmware using this.

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I really need to find out a solution, I dont want to stay on stock firmware and I just want to move to openwrt permanently. It was my fault. Those chinese devs banned me from their support chat because I speak in English and they said this firmware is only intended for chinese users. It was a fault from my side I know.

FWIW, I’ve never had an issue using sysupgrade to move back to OpenWrt from 2-3 forked repos back when I was new and stupid (including IWrt) by using my device’s method from the wiki. YMMV.

Caught between a rock and a hard space, I’d give the sysupgrade process for your device a go after carefully reviewing the step by step process.

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yes it can be done easily but to verify whether the ubi has changed to openwrt how can I check that?

ok I am literally just gonna do a normal openwrt sysupgrade hope it works

@RuralRoots thanks I did sysupgrade successfully

Now I just want to know the uboot bootloader version if its using immortalwrt or openwrt .

Thanks again

bootloader have nothing to do with *wrt version you run ?

So those files were temporary and they are not needed anymore so this was just it ? Now my router is running on full openwrt system?


which files specifically ?
if they're not written/flashed to the router, you don't need them.
if you did, you don't need them any more.

you posted a screenshot of it running ... ?