[Need help]Intel Wireless Connection Configuration Issues (Intel 5100AGN | AX201)

Currently configuring soft routing for the x86 architecture.
Using version 22.03.5 firmware. Driver configurations such as wired network ports working fine. And now is working on wireless driver ( m-pcie)

Trying wireless card :
1.Intel AX201
2.Intel 5100AGN

Since the two wireless network cards are both from Intel, iwlwifi was selected in the compilation item, and the corresponding driver package was listed on Intel's official website. Refer to the tutorial:

Currently it works :
1.[lspci] find the device
2.[iw dev] find the device
3.[iw dev wlan0 scan] find the ap | wifi around
4.can find this driver in openwrt control panel and scan wifi

Currently issues :
1.[lw dev wlan0 connect ] failed with code 46 . unable to connect around wifi
2.openwrt's web control failed to connect ap around
3.openwrt failed to turn on ap mode . shows failed

Currently i think the issues might be :
1.Need cable ?

Any possible issues ? Or how can i manage to boardcast my AP | wifi in this router ?

Thanks a lot !