Need help configuring restund for reflexive connectivity


This is the first time I am trying to get an ICE/TURN server running. It is needed for WebRTC reflexive connectivity in order to establish a peer-to-peer connection instead of having to use a relay server in the middle over the internet. One test module to ensure everything is working correctly is at

From what I can determine, the two main used servers are restund and coturn. OpenWrt has restund.

Documentation is sparse and I feel like I am missing something but I'm not sure what.. hoping someone else might know.

When installed restund does not start by default as per the comment in /etc/default/restund because it is waiting for you to finish updating the config file in /etc/restund.conf

To manually start it after your edits, you can type at the terminal prompt: restund /etc/restund.conf

These are the only two documents on the subject I've been able to find:

My clients are behind the NAT on OpenWrt, it's not clear to me if in the config file for the tcp-listen and udp-listen lines if I'm supposed to enter the WAN IP address, or the OpenWrt IP address, or another address.

Right now with either the wan or router IP address when running it, I get told that the address is in use. I don't know if this means I need to do more work in the firewall or something else or if I am using the wrong IP address.

Would anyone know what I am missing, in order to make the test pass?


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Hallo Peter,

did you solved the problem yet? I need stun/turn server on openwrt too...

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Hi, no I gave up. I don't have enough experience for this setup/testing and the need became less urgent when work started allowing us to use ms teams internally over the vpn tunnel.