How can I get coturn on openwrt for STUN TURN WebRTC reflexive connectivity?


I tried setting up restund but I couldn't get it to work. Not enough documentation/experience and nobody else seems to be using restund so I gave up. Thread I posted about restund found here- Need help configuring restund for reflexive connectivity

The server software most seem to be using with good results is coturn but it's not found in the openwrt software repository.

This blog posting with pictures is a nice example as to why a STUN/TURN server is needed for good webrtc connectivity so that it passes the webrtc reflexive connectivity test,

I would love it if someone who set up either restund or coturn could chime in, I have never set one of these up before.


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I am also wondering about Coturn support.

Given that you can easily run a Prosody XMPP server on OpenWRT and that there is now good Audio/video calling in XMPP clients, having Coturn support in OpenWRT would really help.