Nat Type 3 Problems

I recently installed my second router (openwrt) as a wireless repeater for my main modem/router. Everything looks good when the lan from my second router is plugged into my laptop I get internet access and I get an ip address from my main router, when i connect the lan port with my ps4 i also get an IP address from the main router which I have made static and forward all ports to but yet I get Nat Type 3. ITS FIXED NOW DID A RESET ON MY MAIN ROUTER!

There are several possbilities why this is not working. The easiest would be: You didn't disable the firewall on your repeater device. If you forgot this step then disable it or forward/open the ports your ps4 needs.

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Thanks I went and tried that and also restarting my main and nat is all good now thanks a lot!!!!

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So iā€™m getting nat 3 again it seems the problem only worked because i reseted the main router not because I turned off firewall.

Well, as long you don't have a final setup it makes no sense to try to track this down. If I would not have read in your SQM thread I wouldn't even know that you swapped routers now. oO

I would recommend you to concentrate on one task. You are changing to much at once which break things you had running already.

So your main concern is trying to run SQM on a relayd setup. If you have a final setup for that we can try to fix nat/firewall. I have doubts that SQM is easy to run e. g. on a relayd.

Beside that I would recommend that you make a drawing of your setup in the other thread and link the guide you have used to bridge/connect you devices.