NanoPi R5C - Rockchip RK3568B2 - 2 PCIe 2.5Gbps


The latest from FriendlyElec. Good value? Promising future?

Exist aliexpress -> FrienlyWrt 22.03 + card WIFI AC

The R5S is 10 dollars more but only 1gb wan port.

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All 3 interfaces on R5S are independent, you just need to change config inside OpenWrt then you can get 2.5G as WAN port, the print out doesn't really matter.

The 1 Gbps WAN port on the R5S is driven directly by the SOC whereas the 2.5 Gpbs ports are connected via PCIe.

I got my R5Cs directly from FriendlyElec. They seem to have better prices than AliExpress or Bangood..

Combined with a AX210, this could make a nice and small Wifi 6E AP :slight_smile:

No mention of OpenWrt. Just their FriendlyWrt, which is likely a clone with very custom kernel. I haven't been impressed with Rockchip's Linux support in the past. Photos show wi-fi antennae but nothing mentioned. Assume that's the m.2 slot? Anyone know a good (meaning with good Linux support) key E Wifi6E card?

Will AX210 work as AP in Linux? I didn't think any Intel cards had open drivers that could activate AP mode.

The R5C specs do look interesting. I hope it plays nicely with OpenWrt.

It has nothing to do with how the ethernet ports being wired, what I said was you can always re-arrange the ports to perform the role you like as long as they are independent physical interfaces (technically same physical interface could work but more difficult)

In reality you won't be able to get Intel WiFi card to work as AP in 5GHz/6GHz band.

…and let's be honest, in practice you can't get away without 2.4- and 5 GHz coverage either, which means three radios/ cards necessary (to some limited extent DBDC is possible, but that still means two radios, as there are no 'TBTC' cards, yet).

maybe it will take years for the official openwrt source code to support 5rc, before that, it will be a normal mini router with stock/factory firmware only.

It's because of linux mainline support is not there yet, without that OpenWrt can't do much.

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Support for the RK3568 is available in the 6.2 and 6.3-rc1 branches so progress is being made. None of the NanoPi R[56] based devices have been submitted yet but the Radxa E25 router DTS was added for 6.3-rc1.

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I've had an R5C for only a couple of days but I'm running @mj82 OpenWRT build on it with kernel 6.1 and so far so good. I was able to flash it just fine from a FriendlyWRT SD card image using their built in eMMC flash program.

I checked the Image. So far it is working.

But for R5C wifi is not supported. How do you install the wifi drivers?

Sorry my R5C doesn't have wi-fi so I haven't tried that.

Does eth1 (wan) show up for you? Only eth0 (lan) shows up for me.

No issues with the ports for me. Are you running FriendlyWRT or the above OpenWRT build?

Sorry for not having been more specific: Yes, with the above OpenWRT build, as of last night PT, my NanoPi R5C wouldn't detect eth1. Doesn't show up anywhere in the logs even.

With FriendlyWRT the interface shows up, so seems to not be a hardware issue.

Interestingly, I tried Debian for the device. It misdetects my device as R5S and two interfaces show up. If I manually apply the R5C config, then only one interface shows up. Wondering if that might be related. Details: Maybe there are (slightly) different versions of the hardware?