Mwan3: nftables porting help

Hello Community,

I just heard on the mailing list that a new OpenWrt release is planned for March 2022.
In this release, the firewall is now used on nftables by default.
I only found out about it a month ago.
Unfortunately, I have to say that I have not yet had the time to deal with this topic in depth because of other projects that have more priority.

I think that the iptables to nftables conversion via iptables-nft should work, but I have not tested it.
My problem is that I use ipsets, which does not exist in nftables as I know.

Pullrequest are welcome to port the mwan3 to nftables.
I will probably not be able to port the mwan3 in time for the next release :frowning: without our help

I have found a reference implementation for policy based routing with nativ nftables with out iptables-nft

Nftables supports named sets instead which should provide equivalent functionality.

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@jow @aaronjg Porting to the new firewall nftables backend is not quite trivial. I have problems with the ipsets.
I am now trying to use the new tool

ipset-translate restore

to use my mwan3 ipsets with nftables.

This tool is included in the new ipset 7.15. This was already added by me and merged in the openwrt master branch

I have a problem with the following ipset. There seems to be no translation for it:

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

I would like to rewrite the mwan3 so that it use ucode like the firewall4. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to do that until the freeze. Also, I would first have to read into ucode and restructure the whole mwan3.

Therefore, my only option is to work with translate.

I would be happy about any help and discussion with some feedback

With the following pullrequest [WIP] I have already started to prepare the mwan3 so that it also works with nftables.

The documentation is a bit poor but I have now found out with try and error that my assumption is not correct.
The ipsets are created with the ipset tool and could be used iptables-nft.
I therefore assume that the mwan3 works with nft.

Sorry for the noise