Multiwan (mwan3) and two IPv6 (6in4) tunnels... is it possible?

Hello everybody, thanks for the great OS and the awesome community.
I love you all <3

That said, I recently decided to try adding IPv6 to my network since here in Italy things are moving painfully slow on providing IPv6 to the public.

At home I use MWAN3 to use two WAN connection from two different totally unrelated providers.

I managed to configure ONE 6in4 tunnel from, because that's using the "default gateway" as my local peer address, but I'm not able to setup the second tunnel which is supposed to use the OTHER WAN address as the local peer address.

I used two different IPv6 tunnel endpoints to make it simpler and I tried adding a rule in MWAN3 that would route traffic to:

  • TUNNEL1 IPv4 address through WAN1
  • TUNNEL2 IPv4 address through WAN2

but apparently that didn't work... it still uses the default gateway in the IPv4 routes for both.

I'd appreciate any ideas. Thanks!

Could you post here the output of:

mwan3 status ; uci export mwan3; \
ip -4 addr; ip -4 ru; ip -4 ro list table all; \
iptables-save -c

Please use the "Preformatted text </>" button for logs, scripts, configs and general console output.

mmh... not really eager to post all those info about my network on a public forum.
Is there already a script that automatically sanitizes the output? Otherwise I'll do it manually but it's gonna take me a while :smiley:

Take your time.

Never mind.

Turns out that is not behaving as reliably as expected, even with one tunnel, and basically it keeps slowing down the network when it times out or restart, thus making everything just plain worse.

I guess I'll have to wait to introduce IPv6 in my network :confused: and just stick with IPv4 for now.

Thanks anyway @trendy

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