MT6000 custom build with LuCi and some optimization - kernel 6.6.x

Thanks for providing the updated build @pesa1234 !
Got my MT6000 now, so I can test it as well.

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Just curious, is there any particular reason, why luci-proto-ipv6 is missing from the sysupgrade image?
It's usually part of a basic luci install.

Hi I didn't add because I was wrongly thinking that nobody use ipv6 for local network.
It will be there on next release. Thanks

Upload new version 2024_04_01_r25728_6.6.23


Thanks for your great work

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Hi Pesa1234.
Thank you for your hard work in sharing this OpenWRT build with the latest MT76 drivers with us.

I would like to make some suggestions:

  • Would it be possible to include a changelog of the main changes made to the driver or at least a link to the commits so we could follow along?
  • Could you create an additional version of the build without any additional packages, just with Luci? As we use very different packages, this could cause bugs that are not directly related to the MT76 driver.

For example, I use adguardhome instead of adblock, I don't use wireguard, irqbalance, WED and many of their other packages. That doesn't mean your build is bad, on the contrary, I just have a different user profile than you.


For the changelog you could check;a=summary

If you are interested in MT76 relevant commits, they have a prefix "mt76:"

As for the package selection, I think this kind of custom build is a "Take it or leave it" thing.

It would be easier just to use the SNAPSHOT from the Firmware Selector and adjust the packages to one's preference.


Thank you for the explanation. However, does the snapshot have the latest MT76 driver updates?

Yes, the SNAPSHOT build contains the latest mt76 driver available right now.

One last question: what would be the differences between the pesa1234 version and the most recent snapshot, in addition to the changes that pesa1234 already makes to the system?

pesa1234 described the difference in the README:

The biggest difference, I guess, being the testing kernel 6.6, instead of the default 6.1.

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ty for your work my friend,installed latest version and mt6000 rocks.keep up the good work

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Enabled vht on 2g


No need to do anything if you work in AX mode.

If you work in N mode you can set it via Luci also


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@pesa1234 is there any incompatibility in using your version with adguardhome with dnsmasq configured only as an internal DNS resolver?

Hi, never used adguardhome, but I think no issue, it's standard openwrt.

Let me know if you get some issues.


Thanks! I tested it and it worked without any problems. However, a curious fact was that the internet connection was unavailable until the Adguardhome settings were finalized.

Thanks for feedback
I don't know that package but maybe it is normal that...

Thanks again.

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