MR600 v2 | Flash Stock Firmware

I recently purchased a MR600 v2 and I was wondering regarding flashing the stock firmware/recovering a potentially bricked device.

I stumbled upon other posts regarding resetting different devices (p.e. here [1]). Does it work similar with the MR600 v2? Could I use ap51-flash or tftp as suggested for the initial flashing of OpenWRT [2]?


[1] Archer C6 V2 (US) rollback to stock firmware - #2 by mk24


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As you can see in
This device is Under Construction, there is no topic about recovering a potentially bricked device back to OEM firmware.

You ask flashing / recovering OEM firmware (in case it's bricked).
And you end with: can I flash OpenWrt on this device.

First of all, if you intend to flash OpenWrt, WHY would you do that if the OEM firmware does what the device should be doing? Is there any 'extra' software you wanna run on the router, then you could try / use OpenWrt, but I should use a device more common with OpenWrt.

If you want to go back to OEM firmware, you NEED a FULL backup of the current installed OEM firmware and boot environment etc. This is NOT just a .bin file with the current firmware!!
And you (most probably) need to open your device and get access to TTL serial of your device, to backup your current OEM firmware (complete NAND, NOR or other flash memory).
This all with NO guaranty it will work.

According TP-Link Archer MR600 exploration
Is about Archer TP-Link MR600, but I think you have a OpenMesh MR600 v2, these are NOT the same!!
Only OpenMesh MR600 is under construction, TP-Link Archer MR600 is NOT available (yet).


Thanks for your answer.

I took TP-Link and Open-Mesh as synonyms for each other, as for whatever reason, looking for Open-Mesh MR600 for whatever reason does not really find a proper photo and seems to show only TP-Link devices.

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