Modern hardware for dumb AP

Due the setup of my apartment (lots of reinforced concrete), I need three dumb APs to get good coverage in all rooms. They are all linked up with GigE (might move to 2.5 at some point) to a 10gbit fibre uplink currently provided via Mikrotik RB5009 (possibly moving to BPI R4 in the future, I can't stand RouterOS).

One of the APs is a really old Archer C2600 that i) uses too much power and ii) is starting to get flaky. The other two are Redmi AX6 and Belkin RT3200 respectively.

For now, I am looking for a replacement for the Archer, main criterion is decent WiFi followed by reasonable flashing of stable and low power consumption. Switch ports and 2.5gig uplink are nice to have but not a must. This being a dumb AP, I don't much care for CPU or RAM.

Based in Switzerland but ordering from or AliE is ok, too.

Any recommendations? Seems like the MT3000 gets quite a bit of love but is the WiFi on those two tiny antennas? What's the timeframe for general availability of the One?

Thanks a lot!

GL-MT-6000 is a good choice.

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I figured, but it seems 'mild' overkill as dumb AP, no?

GL-MT-3000 is $80.00 @ Amazon US (~$20.00 off)
I cannot tell you what it is where you are.

Any number of TP-Link are still supported with a lower price point. Even Linksys has some lower prices.

Since they are both just going to be a Wireless AP, all you really want is WPA3 support in OpenWrt.

But the GL.iNet GL-MT3000 is small enough to take on a trip and use as a travel router. Power is USBC so you just need the supplied adapter which is "power adapter is compact, measuring only 3.0 centimeters in height and 8.0 centimeters in width".

Cudy WR3000 might be a nice option.
Selling on Amazon for about 50€.
It’s Mediatek based, so open source Wi-Fi drivers are good and keep improving.

It has 23.05.3 stable support and Web UI based installation.
Flash is limited with 16 MB, but for a dumb AP might be enough.

I really like the Cudy WR3000 (16MB flash should be ok for dumb AP) but unfortunately refuses to ship it to Switzerland :frowning:

I am not sure if I want to deal with package forwarding for something as trivial as a router...

Edit: just tracked one down in CH, probably worth a shot.

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If you are ok with the wall mount form factor,
this could be a more ‚serious‘ option:

Same SOC, more ram, more flash and 2,5GbE LAN.
More expensive though.

Edit: and check the TOH page carefully, the installation is kind of Russian roulette on this one


That looks ... difficult :slight_smile:

Range on the MT3000 is pretty good, it's covered whole apartments on it's own.
AX3000T simple install
Is the 2.5gig port a necessity?

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Several issues with this one.

  • Supported only in snapshots.
  • Unsuppored international version exists (RD23 vs RD03)
  • Not available in OPs market - you would have to import from China (banggood etc)

Sadly the unsupported version is not documented in the TOH page yet.

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if you are after a dumb ap, snapshots are not a problem, it's also the same chipset as the MT3000 and has extra ports if the OP needs them and can be found at half the price of the MT3000.

I agree about the RD23 though, complete unknown compared to the RD03 I ordered from AliE.

My appetite of dealing with halfway supported CN firmware hardware is low - I have a second Redmi AX6 here that I never managed to reflash. Maybe I should look into that again... (even the first on was tricky with it's all chinese web ui...)

Edit: Looks like that might be easier than before with the xmir patcher. We shall see :slight_smile:

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Might be unpopular opinion here, but if you have a server or something always online that can run a unifi controller, i would just buy U6+ access points. If there are multiple APs, unifi, or omada, or something with a controller that i usually prefer.

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xmir patcher worked beautifully (thank god for Chromium's translate mode though)... Now I just need to figure out if I can finally migrate to WPA3-only (we had odd iphone issues with it before)


Will definitely keep the Mt3000 in mind if I decide to upgrade LAN to 2.5gbit though

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I have iPhone issues with OpenWrt and WPA3.

Neither Apple not OpenWrt accepts responsibility.

Which Wifi Radio, Mediatek or Qualcomm or

Pi4 broadcom.

Now that you mention it, I only have issues with the Pi... :face_with_monocle:

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It's mainly MT for me, the Archer is QC though.

It's really the missus who needs iOS for professional reasons, I won't submit to the walled garden where no real browsers exist, so I can't properly test, either :frowning:

It is funny:
I like Apple's walled garden.

I was Android after Nokia and until Qualcomm stopped giving driver updates to Android after 2 year (yeah, they heard the crowd and changed) but now I'm all in Apple: Phone, AirTags, iPods...

Pc is still PC but when Apple gets its gaming together...