Modern hardware for dumb AP

After my nearly 1K USD Gen3 iPod crapped out for battery reasons after 6 months and Apple wanted 200+ to fix it they are dead to me. Especially now that Samsung has seen the light regarding Android updates.

An iPad with macOS might tempt me to the dark side, anything short of that, NFW.

Re walled garden: It's actually slightly more ridiculous than that: the MDM solution of my employer more or less locks me into the Google walled garden but at least I get browsers with extension support.

(very OT of course)

Pi4 Broadcom:

Known issue, and it's Broadcom.

I have no issues with any Mediatek or Qualcomm WiFi hardware with WPA3 and Apple Devices.


Curious why you would buy another device instead of moving the RB5009 to OpenWrt then? Sounds like a waste of money and good hardware.

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The range of MT3000 isn't bad but speed drops quickly when you walk away like 5-6m away from it, so I only recommend to use it in a small area (I own this and tested)

5009 has single 10G port so it will be difficult to use all bandwidth


It's Broadcom WiFi problem, not OpenWrt.

The other post I showed that I am using RPi 3 with MT7610U USB WiFi as expansion of WiFi coverage, WPA3 on OpenWrt together with iPhone works well, and many different routers like Google Gale, WAX206, Linksys WRT series, GLINET Beryl+Beryl AX all iphones friendly

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Well, good: now I know it is not OpenWrt.

I bought a Panda PAU0B for my 23.05.3 build and it is going to take over 5Ghz.

If I can ever finish my pi 0 2 travel router write-up.

Because I can't afford downtime in case anything goes wrong flashing the RB5009. Our house is very badly located for mobile backup for some reason... And spare 10g routers are not that easy to get.

Plus the aforementioned point about it having only one 10g interface (however little need I have for 10g, it grates [1]...). The R4's second SFP+ would also make a nice NAS port.

And last but not least, the R4 seems like a nice toy to play with in any case.

[1] Especially considering that the fiber would actually be good for 25gbit if one could reasonably route it...

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Okay, I'm going to let that go based on your admitted ignorance.

You don't like a suggestion, keep it to yourself and ask about what you are considering; anything else is trolling.

I'm surprised no one mentioned the WRX36 yet.

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It's not really available for sale in OPs region or AliExpress.
Seems like a US-only device (correct me, if I'm mistaken).

I saw some private offerings on eBay around and beyond of 200 EUR.
Which doesn't make much sense, compared to MT6000 being 135 EUR right now.

Seems I missed the region part :frowning:

It was sold on DE Amazon for a while, I managed to grab two myself.

Importing them from US Amazon could still be a good deal, depending on the fees Amazon's adding.

FWIW, doesn't ship it to CH. I think I'll see if the AX6s is stable (looks like it so far) but in case not (or the RT3200 dies, which apparently happens more often than it should), I'll see if I can get the Cudy, otherwise probably step up to MT6000 (or maybe the Openwrt One).

From descriptions, the WiFi on the MT3000 sadly sounds like it would struggle to civer the areas it would need to cover.

Good suggestions, in any case.

that sucks, since they seem to ship to most of the other countries in Europe.

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Except Switzerland is not in the EU.


Surrounded by, but not inside...

If you are:
a) willing to wait a bit
b) willing to tinker a bit

maybe the openwrt one might fit the bill (no switch, but a 1Gb and a 2G5 ethernet port)... the caveat is this not being finished yet we do not have a real ETA nor a good idea about its performance...


Meant EU as in Europe, not the Union.

I'll change my post.

That's more or less what I am hoping for. For now, the Redmi should do. I don't necessarily need the switch in all 3 locations but at least in 2 it makes life easier.

Too bad that you do not like RuterOS. 5009 is nice hardware.
I am using both OpenWRT and MKT RO for years and I still find cAP(sman) is a great thing. Better than some other solutions.
You could put cAP-ac (or ax) wherever you need/want, as they are just what you have asked for. Not expensive either.

The RB5009 hardware is nice enough but it always bothered me that little if any Linux knowledge transfers to RouterOS.

FWIW, I set up the R4 today and it is substantially faster than the RB5009. I never got the RB5009 above 4-5gbit whereas the R4 went straight to 10gbit without any optimization. Also uses less power tho in fairness, it does have fewer ports.

Maybe now I will dare to flash openwrt to the RB :slight_smile: