Minimum/Lite Firmware for TPLINK-MR1XU-MR3XXX-WA7XX-WA8XX-WA901ND-WA7X10N-WR7XXN-WR8XXN-WR9XXND-WR1041N & NETGEAR-WNR612-WNR1000-WNR2000-WPN824N (4M Flash ONLY)

thank you for sharing this firmware. :slight_smile:

I search a image with wpad for a wa901 (with 802.11s specification). Where can i donwload it ?

Does this image include support for EAP as a client?

Hiring someone to maintain an OpenWRT fork that supports 4/32 devices. Apply here:

Why to do a fork ? At least with 18.06 practically all 4/32 devices can be built. Using some special build options, of course, and dropping seldom used features.

will it worth?
i think better people move to new device
just let old software working, but take the risk :slight_smile:

im still owning mr3220 v1 and still working until now
but i face new problem, my usb port is not working suddenly
now im trying hard to build image to make it fit with sqm, iperf & nodogsplash. no luck till now, facing issue when building image with ubuntu 20 :frowning:

is it real?
never have uptime that long entire of my life with openwrt


hahaha that amazing dude
what is your router now?

3 pairs somewhere offering critical service, that's why they have so much uptime

I can't find the images. Is there still something shared?

check on download section

ohhh i seee
do you know how to build image with custom config?

Thank you for the build. Just installed this on TL841ND v10. I dont want bandwidth monitor because of flash wear. I have disabled the BW monitor, will it still write to the flash???

the bandwidth monitor is using ram tho, coz default path in /tmp. so it won't affect ur flash
but if u disable the service, I won't write anymore

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My bad, got it.

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You're THE BEST @AndyX
Working like a charm on my old WPN824N. It's all what I just needed: working SQM and working VLAN

Ok. I take it back. I just realized that it loses all the config when restart the device. What a disappointment :sob:

I lose all settings when I restart the device.
Netgear WPN824N

If can be useful and save your time, please read this post: