Minimum/Lite Firmware for TPLINK-MR1XU-MR3XXX-WA7XX-WA8XX-WA901ND-WA7X10N-WR7XXN-WR8XXN-WR9XXND-WR1041N & NETGEAR-WNR612-WNR1000-WNR2000-WPN824N (4M Flash ONLY)

This is my first homework of build firmware, part of idea & function refer from the following link:
Thanks @amq and <>

-> Base on LEDE Master Branch : OPENWRT SNAPSHOT r5629-23bba9c
-> Build by AndyX.Net
-> Update 5-Feb-2018

Support List(4M FLASH ONLY):

--> TP-LINK MR10u v1
--> TP-LINK MR11u v1
--> TP-LINK MR12u v2
--> TP-LINK MR13u v1
--> TP-LINK MR3020 v1
--> TP-LINK MR3040 v1
--> TP-LINK MR3040 v2
--> TP-LINK MR3220 v1
--> TP-LINK MR3220 v2
--> TP-LINK MR3420 v1
--> TP-LINK MR3420 v2
--> TP-LINK WA701ND v1
--> TP-LINK WA701ND v2
--> TP-LINK WA730RE v1
--> TP-LINK WA750RE v1
--> TP-LINK WA801ND v1
--> TP-LINK WA801ND v2
--> TP-LINK WA801ND v3
--> TP-LINK WA830RE v1
--> TP-LINK WA830RE v2
--> TP-LINK WA850RE v1
--> TP-LINK WA860RE v1
--> TP-LINK WA901ND v1
--> TP-LINK WA901ND v2
--> TP-LINK WA901ND v3
--> TP-LINK WA901ND v4
--> TP-LINK WA901ND v5
--> TP-LINK WA7210N v2
--> TP-LINK WA7510N v1
--> TP-LINK WR730N v1
--> TP-LINK WR710N v2
--> TP-LINK WR720N v3
--> TP-LINK WR720N v4
--> TP-LINK WR740N v1
--> TP-LINK WR740N v2
--> TP-LINK WR740N v3
--> TP-LINK WR740N v4
--> TP-LINK WR740N v5
--> TP-LINK WR740N v6
--> TP-LINK WR741ND v1
--> TP-LINK WR741ND v2
--> TP-LINK WR741ND v4
--> TP-LINK WR741ND v5
--> TP-LINK WR743ND v1
--> TP-LINK WR743ND v2      
--> TP-LINK WR802N v1
--> TP-LINK WR802N v2(Eu)
--> TP-LINK WR802N v2(US)
--> TP-LINK WR840N v2(Eu)
--> TP-LINK WR840N v3(Eu)
--> TP-LINK WR841 v1.5
--> TP-LINK WR841 v3
--> TP-LINK WR841 v5
--> TP-LINK WR841 v7
--> TP-LINK WR841 v8
--> TP-LINK WR841 v9
--> TP-LINK WR841 v10
--> TP-LINK WR841 v11
--> TP-LINK WR841 v12
--> TP-LINK WR842N v1
--> TP-LINK WR842N v2
--> TP-LINK WR843ND v1
--> TP-LINK WR847N v8
--> TP-LINK WR881N v1
--> TP-LINK WR882N v1
--> TP-LINK WR940N v4(Eu)                           
--> TP-LINK WR940N v4(US)                           
--> TP-LINK WR941ND v2                           
--> TP-LINK WR941ND v3                           
--> TP-LINK WR941ND v4
--> TP-LINK WR941ND v5
--> TP-LINK WR941ND v6
--> TP-LINK WR941ND v6(CN)
--> TP-LINK WR941ND v7
--> TP-LINK WR1041N v2

--> NETGEAR WNR612 v2*
--> NETGEAR WNR1000 v2*
--> NETGEAR WNR1000 v2(VC)*
--> NETGEAR WNR2000*
--> NETGEAR WNR2000 v3*

<<<<<You do so at your own risk!>>>>>
<<<<<The firmware of Netgear router only for generated without tested, it maybe brick your router. Any issue plz report to this post>>>>>>
<<<<<Please confirm your router model and version completely matched to above list, Flash wrong firmware will brick your router!!!>>>>>
<<<<<Please validate The MD5 Checksum of firmware after download!!!>>>>>


--> To be used with the OEM flashing utilities/Breed utilities to convert the device to OpenWrt

-->To be used upgrade from OpenWrt to OpenWrt or U-boot flashing utilities

--> The mark of "-CN-" means "Chinese Version" only, Please identify and confirm to write correct version

Default Information:
User: root
Password: <<No Password>>
Language: English
Support Language: English / Chinese(zh-cn)
Theme: Bootstrap / Darkmatter

Default App List:
SFE(Qualcomm FAST PATCH) / SQM-QOS / UPNP / IPv6 Support / VLAN Support / WIFI Schedule / Bandwidth Montior / Wake-On-Lan / Scheduled Reboot

1、U-Boot & ART partition of this firmware have beed unlocked.
2、This firmware does not support USB and download function
3、Due to the limit of storage space,This firmware has removed the OPKG module because there is no space for installation.
4、Adding new options on WIFI settings page to force active 40M bandwidth mode
5、New Darkmatter theme added, Adding "CPU Usage" on homepage, .
6、Improve the Chinese translation of SQM pages, Adding "Bandwidth Montior" & "Wake-On-Lan" & "Scheduled Reboot" .
7、Setting Language语言设置:

↓↓↓Download Link↓↓↓:













OpenWrt/LEDE TL-MR10U-MR11U-MR12U-MR13U-MR3020-MR3040-MR3220-MR3420-WA701ND-WA730RE-WA750RE-WA801ND-WA830RE-WA850RE-WA860RE-WA901ND-WA7X10N-WR703N-WR710N-WR720N-WR740N-WR741ND-WR743N-WR802N-WR840N-WR841N-WR842N-WR843ND-WR847N-WR881N-WR882N-WR940N-WR941ND-WR1041N LuCI Web SFE FAST PATCH SQM-QOS UPNP IPv6 WIFI-Schedule Bandwidth-Montior U-boot unlocked firmware Tiny Minimum Lite


Thanks op, this would save me some time building one for myself.

Question: I vaguely remember the default kernel partition size is not enough for the latest kernel. Was it a problem, and if so how did you get around it?

Sorry my bad English.

This is not a problem, but suggested that you use the old version of the kernel.

The new version of the kernel will getting bigger, so I use the LEDE source code of 2017-12-28 version.

Making minimized firmware can properly enable/disable the following options(With BuildRoot):

1、Set Target Images Block size to 1024
Target Images - squashfs - Block size - 1024
Refer to

2、Disable kernel debug and wireless debug
Global build settings - Kernel Build Options - everything
Kernel modules - Wireless Drivers - kmod-ath9k - Support for Ubiquiti Unify Outdoor+
Kernel modules - Wireless Drivers - kmod-mac80211 - Export mac80211 internals in DebugFS
Kernel modules - Wireless Drivers - kmod-ath - Force Atheros drivers to respect the user's regdomain settings, Enable DFS support
Refer to Build for TP-Link TL-WR841N(D) [all versions]

3、Remove OPKG & USB function

4、Enable Luci compress
LuCI - Modules - Minify Lua Sources

5、Enable data optimization
Remove ipkg/opkg status data files in final images
Strip unnecessary exports from the kernel image
Strip unnecessary functions from libraries
Refer to

6、Find and remove other unrelated parts

I fail to understand the intention of your posting in the Developers category... Are you announcing your own build for devices with 4MB flash? If yes, then why should one choose your build over the tiny images added lately?

Yes. But those images did not include Luci, and my router just has only 4MB Flash, There is no space for installation.

I tried to seek help but no one helped me, so I was trying to build images by myself.

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This is quite an interesting build... Although why not put it in the Community Builds section? I do have a question though... How stable are these builds? In the other community build that I got for my 841n v9 the CPU spiked whenever I opened Luci after about ~24hours of uptime... it went down as soon as I closed the browser window though Or if I disable auto refresh that also stops the CPU from spiking. Seeing as how this build has a theme I'm curious if that changes anything or if it's still down to Luci.

Which router do you have this on btw? I might try this build and try to give any feedback I can if I get the time to get around to flashing and setting this up.

Lastly, Why not just go with the stable branch? or the 17.01.4 release? Wouldn't they be more stable?

1、Oops, my bad... now it's ok.
2、 Because I am working in the Iraq now, The generator switch once a week, so I can't do test for a long time.
I tested the longest for 7 days, P2P downloading, playing, and surfing on Internet. I believe the stability is absolutely no problem.
3、The theme source code copy from, very cool theme, and I like it very much.
4、The router model are TP-LINK TL-WR840N V2 (Eu) and TP-LINK TL-WR941ND V6

5、 Because the stable branch (17.01.4) does not include WR840N V2 model

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I understand you posted with support for the listed models, however I'd want to just be sure that WR841N(D) is supported as well?

Thanks for all your hard work, much appreciated as the other builds don't seem to be updated any more!

Which Version of WR841N(D)?

I have tested WR840Nv2/WR841Nv9v10/WR941NDv6(CN)/WR1041Nv2, and working fine.

I believe there should be no problem because these models are generated from LEDE offical source code.

WR841NDV7 is the one

It's been tested for 8 days.


And it doesn't spike in CPU usage if you leave the status page open?

Also, I know you have to use the snapshot's to get one of your routers in there but... Snapshots are generally not for long-term use... I'd be more relaxed at night If I had a build from the stable branch.

Regardless, I think I might flash it this coming week to give some initial feedback on the build. :slight_smile:

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define "not for long term use" ? :smiley: and last time it was an programed update

(not exactly this image)

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--> TP-LINK MR12u v2 is missing, your google drive has --> TP-LINK MR12u v1. Can you please upload V2

A very important question to the developers!!! DOES TL-WA7210N V2 HAS SUPPORT FOR EXTERNAL ANTENNA? DEVICES LIKE THIS ONE ARE IN REMOTE PLACES AND ITS CRITICAL TO BE SURE BEFORE THEY BEING UPDATED, Official LEDE support for this router (TL-WA 7210N) is partial working, all antennas external or internal are not working with LEDE, does you have fixed it???? Thank you

How would the developers know?

So, it's not an external antenna problem, then?

You should probably make a new thread in "Hardware Questions and Recommendations."

i am asking because this is special firmware maked by some people, if you mention a specific hardware as supported by what you have made then everybody may wonder if you have fixed some minor bugs, so the best you have to do is to listen to every question and answer with a yes or no, And YES i did wrote in hardware recommendtaion because nobody had ever mentioned that even internal antenna was not working and although in many forums people were asking about it, Nobody answered them,And many of them found out that their routers become broken after flashing, Only after i did wrote to the forum admins they have changed the router page with the no antenna is supported with this fw so dont try to flash it or you will get a broken box with terrible wifi signal. And because these boxes are in remote places with no easy access, every wrong flash means hard work to fix it.

any build to 840n v5?

i got problem with my tp wr440 v2 eu i have connection lost for 10 sec and continue connection after 10sec how to fix this?