Minimum/Lite Firmware for TPLINK-MR1XU-MR3XXX-WA7XX-WA8XX-WA901ND-WA7X10N-WR7XXN-WR8XXN-WR9XXND-WR1041N & NETGEAR-WNR612-WNR1000-WNR2000-WPN824N (4M Flash ONLY)

Have someone tried out the Netgear images?

Hello @AndyX.

It´s possible to include DDNS in your build?
It´s really necessary for me, my DVR is old, the only way to continue using him is with help of DDNS...

I know that the space of flash memory of the router is very limited, but, in my case, DDNS is more important than "WIFI Schedule / Bandwidth Montior / Wake-On-Lan / Scheduled Reboot"...

Thanks for the build and for your work.

P.S.: My router is the WR841ND (I have two versions, V8 and V9)

@AndyX Finally you saved my life. It is working perfectly on my TL-WR840N v2 (EU). Thanks Alot!

Well i only needed Client and AP functionality which worked perfectly in my case. Flashing was done without any problem and the network speed is very fast as compare to the original firmware.

@AndyX Is there any way to install and remove packages in this firmware ? I want to install PPTP package. Please provide me any solution. Thanks!

Hi @AndyX

You think to make an update of your images, if it were the case it would be good to eliminate Wake on LAN I think that package is over.

We hope to have your quick answer. regards

my router works fine with the build,but when there is more than 2 days of uptime, if I go to the status page, load average starts to rise and the device hangs, then I need to restart :frowning:

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That is just how it is. Just set up a cron task which makes the router reboot say every morning. That should keep it fresh.

yes, I've used this, but it's a palliative solution that does not completely solve the problem, I'm testing a DD-WRT version of the 841ND V11 on my 840N V2 and I'm thinking of using it permanently.

I suspect that at that point you're already low on RAM, and then it crashes because you open the most resource intensive page there is. Run top from ssh before you open the page to check.

1st question: How can I install openvpn ?
2nd question: How can I return to stock firmware?

i don’t think it’s doable due to the delete of opkg, so anything that ain’t available you can’t add it.
you can return to the stock firmware of openwrt by flashing it be sure to use sysupgrade one.

thank you for sharing this firmware. :slight_smile:

I search a image with wpad for a wa901 (with 802.11s specification). Where can i donwload it ?

Does this image include support for EAP as a client?

Hiring someone to maintain an OpenWRT fork that supports 4/32 devices. Apply here:

Why to do a fork ? At least with 18.06 practically all 4/32 devices can be built. Using some special build options, of course, and dropping seldom used features.

will it worth?
i think better people move to new device
just let old software working, but take the risk :slight_smile:

im still owning mr3220 v1 and still working until now
but i face new problem, my usb port is not working suddenly
now im trying hard to build image to make it fit with sqm, iperf & nodogsplash. no luck till now, facing issue when building image with ubuntu 20 :frowning:

is it real?
never have uptime that long entire of my life with openwrt


hahaha that amazing dude
what is your router now?