Mini pcie wifi card for x86 system

I bought a N5105 mini-pc for 1 gigabit internet. What wifi card should I get for a decent wifi performance?

The mini-pc that I bought:

Is that card a good choice for me?

Functionally it looks similar to the AsiaRF AW7915-NPD. The description says it is 2T2R with two U.FL connectors, but there are actually three connectors on it in its photo. I don't know what the third U.FL connector is for.

The Wallys web site says it maxes out at 20dBm or less at 5GHz. A LOT less for 80MHz channels (only 14dBm - that's 25 miliwatts). That is a cause for concern.

It's the same price as the AsiaRF card which I have and which works well. I get 27dBm power out from that one with 80MHz channels.

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