Installing better Wifi Card in Router?


im Using a Huasifei WS1208V2 Router With Daryman R00TER OS

the wifi card is built in and not very good. But i have a free mini-PCIE slot

can i just put in a better wifi card? Like intel AX210? or are those Cards only for receiving wifi?

probably, but there's no way to tell, unless the manufacturer sells it that way.

they mostly are.

you want Mediatek or Qualcomm.

ok Thank you for those Informations!

Can you reccomend any wifi card?

Thank you!

I am a big fan of AsiaRF's cards:

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FYI, I recently added support for this device on OpenWrt.

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I've used Compex mini PCIe cards with great success. They're all Qualcomm Atheros based and they just work in Openwrt. These are proper AP wifi cards, designed for access points, not cards designed for client wifi.

This is one of their latest, although they have quite a lot of models available. Easily purchased off ebay.

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oooh which means i can use "Standard open WRT " and am not bound to "R00ter" anymore?

Thank you! What about this one?

That's right.

oh perfect! i will defniatly try that

stupid question.. what could i benefit from from going from "Rooter" to standard open wrt?

More flexiblity? more up to date software i guess?

That is my favourite of AsiaRF's cards. I have three of them. Unless you need DBDC, that is the card I usually recommend.

That's about it, yeah.

Hi! is this error message normal?

i finally installed AW7915-NPD in my router but its not detected do i need to manually install drivers for it? if so, how? :slight_smile:

If you're flashing OpenWrt from Rooter this should be normal.

Likely. I've never used that device, but it's unlikely the device has the kernel module for this card baked in.

If you are in OpenWrt and have access to the LuCI interface, then one of your best friends will be the System->Software page. Navigate there and click "update lists". You should see all the packages available for OpenWrt. Now just type "7915" in the filter. You should see the driver and (depending on your version of OpenWrt) perhaps its firmware. In your case, installing the driver should automatically install the firmware.

If you don't have access to LuCI and do have access to the console, you can do the same thing with:

opkg update
opkg list | grep 7915

Then once you identify the kernel module you want:

opkg install <packagename>

It is normal for an outdated theme.

ok thank you!

can i use the Sysupgrade Snapshot version of openwrt? or do i need to use the basic kernel version because im coming from "Rooter"