Mesh between OpenWRT and non-OpenWRT devices


I read here that pairing devices from different manufactureres/with different OS's into one mesh network may not be ideal, depending on the manufacturer. I'd still like to try, as my Linksys MX4200v1 doesn't really work with OpenWRT (it only supports the snapshot release, and that seems to be broken for my device).

So since the MX4200 comes with mesh support from its own firmware, I was thinking I'd set that device up as a MAP & MAG and have another device (a GL.iNet GL-B1300 that is running OpenWRT) associate to that mesh network as a node and AP.

Is that possible and if so, is there anything I need to be wary of (except obviously the same settings on both mesh devices)?

No, because they are totally different technologies.

Older WDS standard may work if you have only 2 devices, but mesh with app is certainly not standards based.

WDS isn't a standard either - and 4addr, which is what you get on OpenWrt, is guaranteed not to work on any firmware using proprietary driver (so pretty much all of them, especially OEM firmwares).

I understand; thanks for your replies. I'll just use a second model of the same device and setup their proprietary version of a mesh then. Thanks!

You can use our opensource version of OpenWRT mesh between different brands.

That would be nice! However, the current OpenWRT snapshot is not stable/functional enough for my needs, so I'm trying to revert the unit back to stock firmware. I got a second MX4200 and want to mesh those together using their proprietary protocol, which I hope will be fairly straight-forward and - hopefully - faster and more stable than my current setup.

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