Adding OpenWrt Device to Another Mesh Network


I'm trying to add my Openwrt flashed AC Pro to a mesh network, such that it broadcasts the same vlan that my Ubiquiti Non flashed AP is. I have read through this tutorial here. However, it seems that this configures the Openwrt device to be the primary mesh device and creates an entirely different network mesh. I have also read this dumb ap tutorial here, but it doesn't seem like I can choose the specific network/vlan I want to broadcast. Is there any way to configure the Openwrt device as a secondary mesh device to another network? Or a way to select what network is broadcast?

Thanks for the help!

If you’re talking mesh — as in wireless backhaul — generally you cannot mix and match different vendors/firmware as they frequently have slightly different implementations for the mesh systems. In the case of unifi, it doesn’t play mesh with any non-unifi systems.

Why do you want to use your uap-ac-pro with openwrt when you already have a unifi (stock firmware) system running?

Thanks for the reply.

I'm using openwrt since I want to run simple python programs on the AP, and as you know the unifi firmware is not capable of anything like that. That said, most of my network gear is still unifi so it would be easier to configure my openwrt device accordingly to match the unifi devices as close as possible (broadcasting the same vlan), rather than flashing each device and configuring a soley openwrt setup. Even though I know I can't ever manage the openwrt device with unifi, it somewhat resembling a stock unifi ap while able to run python programs is good enough for me.