Meraki MR66 OR MR77 support?

Any solution for this devices? Meraki MR 66 OR MR77, licence expired lists supported devices.

I know the list....its.not supported device yet.... something else?

If they're not

  • in the table of hardware
  • the object of a pull request or Patchwork submission
  • the subject of a forum topic about porting OpenWrt to it

Then you can safely assume they are not supported.

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MR66 is exactly the same hardware as MR16 which is supported, just in outdoor rugged casing. I think I have found some evidence that even PCB is the same. If you have one, you could try the MR16 flashing instructions.

Please post the results back.

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Really? Perfect l'll try to test it.....have you some tutorial? It wants to open device for mainboard connection or only from Ethernet?

It would take less time to Google it than to ask here :slight_smile:

TL;DR you need to open the device and have USB-to-serial converter. You need to understand what you are doing.

yes i google it and find a lot of things...i must bought ttl cable first and give a you flash this product?

This is for my meraki mr 66

little help there..anyone to guide me?

Did you check the serial instructions on the MR16 wiki page? They are clear (as are the installation instructions, from what I can see).