Meraki MR66 OR MR77 support?

I have the same adapter ill try like photo and reverse the white cable start from black but first pin nothing second white third green and fourth black bit nothing again no connection

You need to install USB drivers for your adapter prior to connecting anything. In fact, connecting the wires correctly or not won't make any difference in just trying to open a COM port. When you succeed in opening a COM port in Putty (black window appears with nothing), then you may try connecting the wires.

NEVER connect red wire to anything. First connect GND and direction from AP to the computer (Tx on the board, Rx on the adapter). This will give you read only access for testing. If you get black window, your connections are wrong. If you get gibberish text, your port settings are wrong, probably baud rate (or speed in simple terms). When you get readable text, it is safe to connect the other direction and try to interrupt the boot process.

I'm not sure if I need to emphasize that Rx pin on the board should be connected to Tx pin on the adapter and vice versa?

Here you go..hopefully beginner-proof guide on using serial ports on anything. I'm not responsable if you burn something by connecting two Tx lines together, connecting 5V to GND or else...

P.S. you probably won't burn anything because these pins are probably current limited, but there is only one way to find out...

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Chris and I actually sorted it out. Thankfully nothing burned. :^)

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