Managing multiple OpenWrt devices

Is there any way to have a dashboard type of view or manage multiple openwrt devices from a management page or cloud manager?

Cucumber wifi had this idea a few years ago and tried to commercialize it I think. Anyway they disappeared. Does anyone know of anything similar?


how about this one:


Many thanks for the reply. Yes, I found OpenWisp but it looks a little heavy and I understand why given its heritage and aspirations for national scale. It's also quite complex.

I was hoping for something a bit lighter, dashboard-type approach detailed config can be done in the individual units but today we have to login to each one separately to see what it's doing.


I recommend trying the OpenWISP Cloud Demo, there's also a subscription based managed service so you don't need to set it up and it includes support.

I've built a CLI tool called OpenWrt Configurator, which can manage and provision multiple devices using a CLI + JSON config file. WebUI is in the works.

See details here: OpenWrt Configurator - A CLI to manage and provision configuration (Looking for feedback)

Ansible is great for config of lots of network devices. Open source, and free version available.

For monitoring I expect that there are a lot of Grafana options. Also free.

I've found that with a DDNS service and SSH tunneling I can manage with both LuCI and CLI remotely.

Backups and attended sysupgrades are easy.

Use a key and no password for SSH security.