Life after Cucumber Wifi - Any plans for a cloud dashboard management system


We have been using openwrt for many years. Cucmber wifi came along nad showed promise in allowing us to see across our openwrt estate.

Are there any plans for a cloud or local (preferred) dashboard to be able to manage all of our openwrt devices?


Seems like you already have an answer here:

Do you mean OpenWISP which is pretty heavy going for a SMB network!

I think it would be a great addition or app that could be installed on one of the devices and used to look at the openwrt estate like a dashboard. But I am not a developer.

Looks like someone was historically doing something with Netdata but that now looks dead from what I can see.


Yes. I am pretty sure that the only 'fleet management' system out there for OpenWrt right now is OpenWISP. And I think that if there was anything else (that I may not be aware of), someone would have replied on either this or your other thread accordingly.

What do you find missing on Openwisp that Cucumber had?

@psherman Thanks for the confirmation. I can't find anything else.

@hecatae I never used it so would not know. I doubt there is anything missing it's just that OpenWISP is serious overkill for a Small network. We have <20 OR devices.


Altiwi the replacement for Openmesh was looking good

But there's been no real news since 2020.

Openwisp does look like the only one left, and I'm slowly getting my head round how it works.

To anybody interested in OpenWISP I recommend trying out OpenWISP Cloud Demo, there's also a subscription based managed service so you don't need to set it up and it includes support.