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I have some OpenWRT devices in my family houses. I use to open WAN 80 and 22 ports but this is not easy: ISP routers are not standard and dynamic public IP.

I want to have remote access without open any port in the endpoint side. I want to configure a centralized server accesible from internet and all devices will connect to the server.

I could do a SSH sesson from remote devices or create a VPN (Wiregurad) session.

Anyone have configured somethin like this? I don't want to have access to all my family network, just manage (web and cli) the remote devices.

Is this possible?

Kind regards.

for now something like zeroteir might be worth a look... (you are essentially asking about auto-reverse tunnels from multiple 'spokes' ... ssh-tunnel is also work a look)

there are various underlying features in the pipe to better support this requirement...

also read:


Thanks for the reply,

I try Zerotier, and it is exactly what I need. The free account is for 50 devices, this is enough for me.

Thanks for your great help.

Best regards.

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There may be work in progress for some remote management thru OpenWrt packages.

PS. Shameless plug: 50 devices limit from zerotier is pretty generous, but there's also support for SlackHQ's nebula (without any limit whatsoever) in OpenWrt.

Very interesting options.

I read some nebula info, it really look great, I will try it later.

Kind regards.

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