Posibility to merge two OpenWRT Router into One?

I have two Router with Open WRT. I need them as range extender for Lan and W-Lan.
Is it somehow possible to merge the second Open WRT into the Luci OpenWRT of the first one?
It would be nice If I could see Firewall, Ports and Wireless Adapter along the Firewall, Ports and Wireless Adapter of my main router in a way as it where only one router.

the simplest answer to that question is no...
(but feel free to search the forum for topics about android apps and remote commands and whatnot as at the lower levels these are all relavent but will lead you to no practical solution)

in practical terms... you looking at;

  • remote ubus/ssh/cgi calls and data parsing / formatting / display
  • snmp / netflow
  • prometheus and whatever that other thing is called

out of the box... the only simple thing that comes close is;
and it's multihost abilities...


there are programs to manage fleets of openwrt devices, like OpenWISP, but I think it is a bit overkill if all you need it managing 2 devices. https://openwisp.org/whatis.html

Thanks for the feedback.
I had the Idea, that If someone use an OpenWRT router, it's not unlikely that you had to use a second one, either as repeater or as station for the NAS and others. In my case it's an idea to enhance the comfort in managing my home network. I don't wish to use separate software. If it were possible with Luci, I had used it, otherwise it is overkill.

Could it be an Idea to place the idea to integrate something like that directly into OpenWRT?

@anon50098793 luci-app-statistics seems interesting. I will look into that one, thanks.

apologies... there was a bug report about this somewhere...

if you are on 17/18/probably early 19... this should be ok...

when they switched to js generation of images on the fly... i'm pretty sure this broke the multihost capabilities in luci-app-statistics...
(some... disks plugin still works)

just tested... and unless i'm not doing it right... (actually need to have the daemon pull rrd and not manually placing files) it's still seems to no longer work... :frowning:

it's an idea that many have shared and if you'd search as i've advised... you would have read some of those ideas... it's not a simple task... and current implementations all diverge early in the implementations process...

there are quite a few 'core' adjustments that are underway to facilitate what you describe... so with luck... in the short-medium term.. you see functional developments... so watch this space...