[Luci-theme-rosy] Here we go, Rosy them V3 released

Hi, all :

The theme of luci rosy has been bump to v3.0, enjoy it.

github : https://github.com/rosywrt/luci-theme-rosy


NOTE: This progress bar is only in RosyWrt/luci -openwrt-18.06 branch.


This won't be pushed?

No, we will try to push this theme to LuCI repo.

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Nice job man!

This theme has been pushed at https://github.com/openwrt/luci/pull/2246

Did you already run tests with different LuCI apps? If so, which ones have been tested!? Thanks!

luci-app-samba, luci-app-ntf-qos, SQM, QoS, others' test is on going.

The ram bar doesn't apply to swap bar

What's your openwrt version ? 18.06 or master ? we didn't see swap bar on our luci web, thanks

Master you don't see it cause you don't have swap enabled

Beautiful theme, great work! I found one small issue, and proposed fix outlined below:

at luasrc/view/themes/rosy/header.htm: line 289:
<a class="btn" href="<%=url(" admin/system/admin")%>">
needs to be
<a class="btn" href="<%=url("admin/system/admin")%>">
otherwise the "change password" button always redirects to /luci instead of /luci/admin/system/admin

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Yes, but I still can not see it after I enabled it. Could you show me the class name or id name of the div tag ???

fixed !! thanks

@rosysong the theme-material prints hostname in the "header" (aligned left of the "auto-refresh on"), could you implement the same in your theme?

Also, would be great if you could start using the PKG_RELEASE in the Makefile.

I cant seem to press the "menu" button while using my android phone.
I get the same behaviour from two different phones both android devices.
Moto g6 play
Lenovo P2
tested with chrome and firefox
I'm using a snapshot build as my device is only supported in snapshot

We pushed a new pull request to the luci repo, this issue was fixed!


Hi, this theme are in the luci repo already? I can't see it, just material, bootstrap, etc...
The package in the Luci repo will be much more easy to install and use of course...
Thank you

It is in master.

But, it's avaliable directly by LuCI System>Software for install?

Yes, it is to download and install from Luci.