Luci syslog filter, search, highlight, export

Could we add features to the luci syslog to filter results search highlight export etc...?

Why not just use the native utilities - logread, grep, pipe, redirect for some examples?

Yip but many users here are not linux savy.
I usually do this via ttyd on luci, it would be much nicer and more user friendly to do this from luci.

Wouldn’t most browsers cover Filter, Search, and Highlight with their Find in Page functions? From that output it should be easy to C/P from the results to a text file to cover Export.


Yip that was precisely what I was intending.

Ability to email the log based on a monthly/ weekly pattern or perhaps patten match and send urgent emails a was the orher ghing i was thinking about.

I may be wrong, but I kinda think @lleachii was pointing out your feature request has already been suggested previously.

logrotate does this now. See the package summary

I’ll remind you of this from @lleachi :

I’m with @lleachi here. Such a feature would just provide a false sense of certainty in the results returned to those very users.

In my case I have installed dawn and I get my log filled with hostapd beacon requests and responses and I want to ignore them and focus on a single app that I am working on for that purpose it would be handy to filter anything with hostapd in the log line or perhaps highlight the line with an orange box if the thing I want to view.
and yes my request is as per the mentioned post.

Most modern web browsers already perform this function. Also interesting to note here - that a lot of web developers are removing such functionality from their software in order to rely on the buil-in features of the browser.

Don’t know dawn, but can you not damp down the log level verbosity?

No sadly, it is on its highest setting nothing but errors.