Status- System log should have toggleable filters based on current entries

At this location in the interface

The top should be populated with toggle switches that you can click to toggle

Specifically to filter in and out the notif type and process

When loading the file on screen, scan system for each unique process name and notif type

For instance daemon.notice, and
plus hostapd, dnsmasq-dhcp, luci, netifd

That way you could quickly filter out results crowding out what you're actually looking for

  • CTRL+F (or press "Find on Page")
  • Type filter word

or (needed code)

  • logread | grep <filter_word>
  • demsg | grep <filter_word>

Do these work?

What stops you from using a log server (i.e. that also saves your logs - remember, logs are rolling and in RAM) with fine-grained search ability?

Also, from reading the threads, most (90% +) people look at the logs because they don't know what entry they're actually looking for.

Lastly, what if one message was related to an issue regarding another (i.e. you literally filter out the messages of concern)? :thinking:

What I mean is to filter out the irrelevant stuff

I don't know what I'm searching for when there's an issue.

But I probably know that it's not wlan1 dnsmasq hostapd

If I try logread | grep -i dnsmasq

I'd get the opposite of what I want, only noise, example

And on the eighth day he deployed grep -v, and saw that it was good.


Yes, that's the thing

logread | grep -v dnsmasq | grep -v hostapd

Except, in the web interface so it's useful for users

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