Luci statistics not displaying graphs but broken links

I installed luci_app_statistics according to the instructions:

I have an external usb drive mounted at /mnt/sda1, so I created the rrd directory and made it world readable:
chown -R nobody:nogroup rrd
my problem is that while I see the database is updated through the "rrdtool dump" command, the graphs are not shown in luci, but all I see are "broken link" icons. Tried multiple browsers.
Seen some similar posts around but haven't found a solution for this.
Can someone help?

I think it should be chown -R nobody:nogroup /mnt/sda1/rrd

I ran the command within /mnt/sda1.

root@OpenWrt:/mnt/sda1# ls -l |grep rrd
drwxr-xr-x    3 nobody   nogroup       4096 Sep 11 22:27 rrd

So I changed back to /tmp/rrd and then again back to /mnt/sda1/rrd, and graphs somehow appeared.. Strange but this worked.

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