LuCI statistics still not working in 23.05.2 - graphs are not being displayed

Hi all,

As far as I can see, this was already a problem in 2021: Luci statistics not displaying graphs but broken links

Unfortunately moving the RRD storage back to RAM disk, then again to persistent storage did not help me - suggested in the other topic.

When I traced the statistics page loading in Firefox, I noticed that I get some errors:

  • a timeout for URL /ubus/?<some number> after ~20 seconds (NS_BINDING_ABORTED)
  • 2 times HTTP/403 for /cgi-exec/?<some other number>

Does anyone have any ideas what could cause this?

I saw the same behaviour under 22.03, too, but I did not really care. After a couple of weeks or months it started to work again, though.

Update: I forgot an important detail: I installed this router approximately 2 weeks ago and otherwise it's been working fine. The statistics graphs also worked correctly until today.

Have you change any of what I'll call "rrd data resolution settings"? Things like log interval, rows or whatever? I did this on one of my boxes, and it messed up the graphs, but once I deleted all the *.rrd files and restarted luci_statistics, it worked fine.

Thanks for the idea, but I did not. I copied however the RRD files from the previous router which was running 22.03 - but it was working for almost 2 weeks.

I had a similar problem at one point for no explainable reason and ended up fully reflashing and starting from scratch to resolve it... I couldn't get anything else to work. Reverting all settings to default, disabling and enabling items, nothing.

The statistics plugin seems to be extremely fragile.

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Thanks, I know it's an option, but I would not like to trash historical data in the RRD files.

Ok, one step ahead, maybe. It seems like the netlink plugin is buggy. When I turn it off and also removed all the netlink related RRD files, the GUI started to work again.