Luci interface for user pass OPENVPN?

I have no issues with vim and ssh but for another user, luci option would be better.

Anyone know how to input via luci for per vpn?

+1 it is really not clear how to use Openvpn why just not add text windows pointing to proper files... so we could just copy pase in to it

Is this what you're looking for?

No. I've got that. But, from what I see, currently, there is no way to pass a username & password other than by including a path in the config pointing to a file stored on the router. The solution I was hoping for would instead allow a user to simply input a user name and pass via luci, the way DD-WRT allows.

@cantenna there is.... in my version of luci-app-openvpn there is option like that...
First you need to import ovpn and then be editing it there is a window for entering username and password Look here. yes you need to mention given path but you can edit it via luci

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This is great! Thanks!

Does this serv to replace or can it coexist with the previous luci-openvpn-app?


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