LuCI HTTPS setup

I followed the instructions here to set up https for luci but I'm stuck at N° 7

The instructions at N° 7 are not clear to me........

If you have the crt and key file locally on your PC, you can select them and they will be uploaded to the router.
Otherwise if they are already in the router you can browse where the files are.

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Yes the files are in the router at /etc/ssl/mycert.crt and mycert.key
Do I delete the existing uhttpd.crt file first ?
I can't yet see the way to browse to my keys.....

If you want to upload the key/cert using LuCI:

  • Browse to /etc/luci-uploads
  • Press Upload file...
  • Select the file on your PC
  • Press Upload file
  • Select the uploaded file

I have my cert/keys on the router, my problem is how to install them....

Maybe I just need to change these lines in /etc/config/uhttpd.conf to point to my cert/key files...?
option cert '/etc/uhttpd.crt'
option key '/etc/uhttpd.key'

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OK that worked....the instructions are all good, except at stage N°7. Thanks for stimulating me to get this working......

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It works for me, as noted above on OpenWrt 19.07.4.
Perhaps you missed the step where you need to select the uploaded file and apply the changes.

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