LuCI APP: luci-app-sms-tool (SMS / USSD Codes / AT Commands)

Hi, I created next small LuCI app.

Luci-app-sms-tool is a mini gui for handling messages via sms_tool application/project Works with mPCI-E and USB 3G/LTE modems. Don't work with HiLink/RNDIS modems. I'm making it available and maybe it'll come in handy.

Preview and quick configuration (version 1.9.5 & modem Quectel EM160R-GL)

Enlarge the page to see the movie with better quality. (CTRL +)

Application version (1.9.5-20221207):

Language Packages:

Cosmetic change to the SMS icon on a neutral light and dark theme.

New sms-tool_2021-12-03-d38898f4 from Cezary:
Fix: DCS for ussd.


The latest version always on

Other useful packages for mobile internet:




That's a very useful feature! Thanks for your great work :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Zuzia . No big deal, everyone would write such an application if they needed it :slight_smile: .

Nice, dude!

I used to text from my router to my phone in the old days...

At the time, I just used an email utility built into DD-WRT (sendmail I think it was) and my service providers SMTP server. I'd email and it'd show up on my phone as an MMS. Maybe you could build this into it? I think there may be a sendmail version supporting SSL/TLS (think Hotmail, GMail, etc...) but it's pretty bloated size wise. Just an idea.

Hello @IceG
I tried your LuCI app on my Turris Omnia 2020 but I'm struggling to make it work.

I've installed:

the GUI is displayed correctly but the send/receive SMS functionality doesn't seems to work...
Can you help me?

The SIM is installed into the mPCI-E slot of Turris with QUECTEL EC25-E Multi-mode LTE mPCI-E card, I use it as a failover for the main WAN (configured with mwan3).

Here some screens of the config:

Hi @Loky , what port, interface does this modem have? modem works on qmi?
Try changing the port for reading, communication with the modem.

The LTE interface port should be /dev/ttyUSB2, I followed this guide to install the LTE module.

I tried to use others ports and /dev/ttyUSB3 seems to work! I'm able to send SMS, but still I don't receive any message...

-edit- rebooting the LTE interface did the trick, now the SMS are read correctly.
Many thanks for your advice @IceG :smiley:

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Hi @IceG , how to compile those packages for mr3420v5 ? is it still supported in latest version of openwrt ?

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Hi @zackytravis, I didn't compile the package for latest SNAPSHOT but for kernel version 5.4.80 it works for me.

How to compile.. I will not explain the entire compilation process here, you have to look for a tutorial if you haven't done it before. The package compiles exactly like all the others.

hi @IceG can this auto forward messages to another number? if not can this be added? or can you point me in the right direction to do this? i was searching for a simple lightweight solution (don't mind to custom script it) to auto forward sms messages since my operator does not allow it. thanks.

Hi @mojifax
Unfortunately my package is as simple as possible GUI for messaging, so it doesn't have this functionality at the moment. If you are looking for a solution, take an interest in the smstools3 package, there you will be able to react appropriately to the received messages using scripts.

thanks for your guidance, will look at smstools3. i did test your luci-app-sms-tool in a virtual environment and i really like your "as simple as possible approach" :wink:

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Hi @IceG, how does one go about navigating USSD menus with sms_tool? For example if you send '*888#' and then the server replies with several options

1. check balance
2. check quota
3. buy quota

but the conversation ends. How can I select option 1, for example? I've tried things like *888#1, *888*1#, *8881#, but no avail... Is there some kind of a convention to this?

Just send "1" (not *888#1 etc)


Up luci-app-sms-tool to 1.8.4 version.
Up sms-tool to version 2021-02-16. THX @cezary .

I have added a choice of where to store messages, choosing where to read them from. 
We can choose between SIM card and modem memory. 
This option is useful for example for the Quectel EM160R-GL modem. 

Up to 1.8.5 version.

1. FIX reading messages from SIM card / modem memory.
2. Change view settings.

Up to 1.8.6 version.

Fixed the LED notification of a new message.

Up to 1.8.7 version.

Facilitation regarding the choice of ports.

Up to 1.8.8 version.
Up sms-tool to version 2021-05-07. THX @cezary .

MEGA thanks to Cezary for adding AT commands.
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Hi. its a very helpfull feature. i want to add this to my owrt but unfortunatelli sms-tool is not available for mips32 architecture. its posible to compile for it? thank you!

Hi @guspaz0 ,
I don't compile individually anymore, my computer is too weak and each new compilation of the entire environment for one router is an eternity for me.

But you can write what router / openwrt version you have, maybe someone has already compiled or will be compiling for themselves and make the package available.

Click on the button "Pobierz" (file sms-tool_2021-05-07-e9efc352-1_mips_24kc,7688410567.ipk)
The download is free.

thank you for the link @Zuzia. but still dont working, this package for mips24kc architecture and i have mips32 (adb a4001n router stock).