Luci-app-apinger in 22.03

Hello and I hope that everyone is well. I have been trying to build owrt2203 and there is an issue that I am having. The error occurs that is missing dependency for

feeds / utilities / luci-app-apinger

rrd_tool or something like that is missing

Everything works om Master

I do add these themes


any help will be greatly appreciated
thanks for your great builds

This is the exact message below :

WARNING: Makefile 'package/feeds/luci/luci-app-apinger/Makefile' 
has a dependency on 'apinger-rrd', which does not exist

I do not and did not add this package luci-app-apinger
I simply and only run your script ( s ) with default settings
except for the two custom themes

Any help would be most appreciated - Master works fine - this bug is only for owrt2203

Anyway the compilation is ending with error or not?

But that kind of warning, is not a big deal, it happens pretty often.

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apinger-rrd missing.

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Would you be kind enough to elaborate on this ?
I don't understand how to remedy this error - if it is indeed fixable.
Thanks a lot

You can't fix it - someone needs to add apinger-rrd to the openwrt2203 repo.

Thanks Cezary - I appreciate your swift and knowledgeable reply. Just one last question - will the build still compile albeit with this missing dependency / package ?
Thanks again
Peace and God Bless
And Happy whatever your Faith has you to

It won't complete.

Looks like Luci-app-apinger was backported to 22.03 only a few days ago, but without checking that the apinger-rrd was also there.

That has been created in July 2022 in master with

That needs to be backported into 22.03

You could apply that commit to your local packages feed source repo and the compilation should then work.

I made a PR.
Please test.


I have removed feeds/utilities/luci-app-apinger folder and makefile run without dependencies error

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Dear Annick,
Thanks for your solution - work around - for this nagging issue. However - if I may correct my error - and set any who may see this on the right path while compiling.

The correct path to the folder to be deleted is as below:


In order to fix this - do this - step 1

cd openwrt/package/feeds/luci/

and delete the folder - step 2

rm -rf luci-app-apinger

and the you may proceed without the problem

in this example openwrt is my OpenWRT build directory


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I will test this tomorrow April 12, 2023
Thanks for all you do Hnyman
You are the Absolute best dude going

The fix has been merged.

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Thanks Hannu Nyman - I appreciate your diligence