Low Speed on mt76x8


ONT>OpenWrt Router> OpenWrt AP

Router/AP - x2 TP-Link TL-WR850N v2 (mt76x8) (2.4Ghz Only)
Openwrt 22.03.3

According to techinfodepot.shoutwiki.com it support 100mbps on WAN and LAN ports

CPU/Switch/WiFiChip - MediaTek MT7628NN

Associated Stations show 144mbps/144mbps

Using 2.4Ghz n 23dBm 40Mhz (not forced) Manually selected a channel

I suspect ethernet cables.

Packages (firmware compiled using firmware selector)

Removed - opkg, ca-bundle, uclient-fetch
Added -

  1. luci
  2. luci-app-wireguard
  3. luci-app-pbr
  4. stubby
  5. qosify
  • Stock Firmware gave 60-80mbps. 100+ on good days.
  • Laptop connected to ONT directly sometimes give 100+mbps
  • That maybe because router WAN port limits speed to 100mbps.

#Speed Test

5Ghz WiFi on ONT 100+mbps (solid) (using https://speed.cloudflare.com/)

5Ghz WiFi on ONT gives Bufferbloat Grade A (using https://www.waveform.com/tools/bufferbloat)

WiFi on AP 70-90 (weak) (using https://speed.cloudflare.com/) Max is 90mbps, slowly goes from kbps to 5mbps then 30 then 40 then 70 and stays there and sometimes reaches to 90mbps max.

Bufferbloat/Speed Test using Ethernet/WiFi on Router/AP

Router with Ethernet

AP with Ethernet

AP with Wifi

AP with Wifi Test 2

AP with WiFi (Qosify disabled on Router)

QoSify Config

It is set to 130mbps up and down

  • Is flow offloading enabled?
  • Is this thru a Wireguard tunnel?

Try disabling and test - since it's set above the 100 Mbps anyway.

As you found connecting to the ISP gateway (ONT) wifi directly, about 45 Mb true throughput is the limit of 2.4. Also of course you can't get more than 94 Mb on a Fast Ethernet port, accounting for packet overhead.

Setting the QoS slightly lower than your worst bottleneck will improve bufferbloat, but of course the speed can't be increased. With this router you can't use the ISP speed that you're paying for.

  • Is flow offloading enabled?

No it is disabled

Is this thru a Wireguard tunnel?


Try disabling and test - since it's set above the 100 Mbps anyway

Sometimes i get 130 on ONT

...enable it. :person_shrugging:


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...enable it. :person_shrugging:

I get about 50-70 now

Sometimes i get 130 on ONT

On ONT not the openwrt router