Log specific rejected traffic

There are so many topics for firewall logging but I cannot adopt it to my problem.

I added a "Network -> Firewall -> Traffic Rule" which rejects the traffic from a specific MAC-address in lan to wan (completly).

Because i still want to enable some traffic from this rule I'd like to see what traffic is rejected (destination IP).

Pleas help me. Thank U in advance.

It's not so trivial, but also not impossible.

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Thats it. Thank U. :slight_smile:

I just added -s for filtering SourceIP and have less loglines.

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I found an easier way to log (imo).

In Network -> Firewall -> Traffic Rules just add a new rule and in Advanced Settigs Tab enter -j LOG to Extra Arguments.

Thats it. U can easily enable/disable at this point. And U can move the rule to the right postion.


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