Linksys WAP300N Support


I am using a router called as Linksys WAP300N. My device is not supported but it's hardware information has been documented on OpenWRT website. It's SOC is Ralink RT6856F and wireless chip is RT5592N. So, my question is that can I build OpenWRT on my own as no builds of OpenWRT have been released for the Linksys WAP300N?

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Do you have any other open source firmwares which support this device

Did you read the linked thread ?

I mean I did but I am barely a novice to understand what it means

that means you need to make SoC support happen.

Can you explain me how to do it. I am ready to experiment on the router

you're very far from router at the moment.

how are your low level hw coding skills ? you need to add the SoC support to the Linux kernel 1st.

take my word for it, you'll be doing yourself a huge favour, if you simply get something supported, or double NAT.

But how do i add SoC support to the linux kernel. is there any guide for it

probably, but you won't find it here, that's not what openwrt is about.

That would be original, low-level development - either you can do it or you can't. If you have to ask, you can't, there are no guides (there are no guides ti write a bestselling novel either).