Need help obtaining flash layout (D-Link DIR-845L)

no, I won't even try/it's kind of impossible

Unless anyone wants to add (new) boot support for Trendchip SOCs (Ralink bought Trendchip in 2010, one year later in 2011 Mediatek bought Ralink)

Noone seems to have added support for these back then. They are different from Ralink's own SOCs. Interestingly enough. I could be wrong but the Trendchip IP (their legacy after being bought) was mostly sold like 10 years ago. These days we have some new SOCs based on such architectures iirc (Econet, OpenWrt support for Zyxel PMG5617GA, first GPON support !? - #30 by alexceltare2) but that's years of them not being used for new products and the new Econet SOCs could be different again in some ways. So if anyone ever adds Econet support it's not guaranteed we get support for Ralink RT6856F (the new Ralink name for the Trendchip TC3262 SOC according to )

The necessary changes are probably available in the GPL'd sources from D-Link, but for Kernel 2.xx and also probably with some blobs.
Her are other sources by Asus:

The wifi chips (RT5592) on this device are from Ralink though and therefore supported by now. But that won't help unless Linux is able to boot :sweat_smile: