LinkStar H68K – RK3568 dual 2.5GbE, WiFi 6


I saw it a few day ago in:


mt7921 wouldn't be a bad wireless option at all, but I don't think it supports DBDC (well, only 2 antennas, so 'no'), meaning you'd better skip that for the cheaper wired-only model and add a decent OpenWrt support AP. It's a bit unclear how far towards 2.5 GBit/s the RK3568 can really go (I've seen measurements around 1.7+ GBit/s) - and even less how far into those value it might be able to do sqm/ cake, but it's certainly an interesting device.

I now this Router,
its a hinlink H68K.

I do not now what that "LINKSTAR" Label ist for. If you sell a Hinlink Router than call it Hinlink.
Now its more difficult to find the right information!
It looks like that seeed studio guys and girls are very special.

It is possible to buy the Router on:

-> this is for all people who do not have the "LINKSTAR" Brand on the Top of the box.

It looks like they take openwrt and write the code by themselves:


I get the most information about this box from:

It would nice to now; are there any connections with the "official" openwrt community?

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cheaper alternative here - although I don't recommend it as openwrt support lacks

Hi, this is the marketing and partnership team from Seeed Studio. Sorry for puzzling you regarding this product.
Seeed Studio helps lots of start-ups scale up their business by distributing their products and helping them sell to the global market. This is just an example. We are actually the authorized exclusive reseller of HinLink-H68K in *worldwide markets, taking full responsibility for its sales and marketing, and are also responsible for the firmware update, document translation, technical support, and after-sales service of HinLink-H68K for English users in *worldwide markets.
Also, we agree on promoting this product with the name Linkstar to facilitate product promotion.
In addition, our 'LinkStar' is not exactly the same as the original version. All materials of 'Linkstar' have been upgraded to satisfy RoHS and other certification requirements, therefore, our 'Linkstar' is a better choice for customers outside of mainland China. (*Except for mainland China)
Any questions or advice about this product is welcome to leave your questions in the FAQ section on product page

1 Like we could say it is a quite nice device to support OpenWRT and Docker, allowing easy deployment of Home Assistant, running stable online 7x24 hours. Worth to have it!