Links limit for new users


I registered yesterday because i did some testing and i want to post a something to update a wiki page, and i write the whole post with some links references and when i finished, it pop outs the message i can only post two links.

I put like 6 or 7 links, all linking this site wiki, forum and bug tracker. How can i do this? How many posts or time need to pass to be able to put more links? I read the forum guidelines and i didn't see anything about this.

Thanks in advance.

Workaround: Omit https:// and try adding some spaces to the URL like "openwrt . org/".

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Thanks, i did that

@thess I just noticed that it is a major PITA for a forum admin to correct those worked-around links.

I do not really see the need for being so restrictive. If the links were spammy URLs, IMO it doesn't make a big difference if it would be 2 or 7 of them, they would be spotted and removed quickly anyways.

Since this is not the first time that users run into this, and since it's kind of a pain for both, users and admins, I'd like to ask if we really need this restriction or if we can either raise the limit or deactivate this restriction completely.

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Since the min trust level to post links is currently TL0 (new-user) this setting is the only control we have. We could limit links to TL1 and above. It would force a new user to spend some time in forum before posting a long dissertation such as this.
That said, I have no object raising this limit to 6 or 8 (or more) but some limit should be imposed and not just setting it to 0 (unlimited).

Then I would say: Let's do it and raise the limit to 6 or 8.

Done - set to 8.