Why can't I edit my posts?

Why can't I edit my posts? For example this one I want to change the title to prepend [solved] as suggested by a user.

As a user with trust level "basic user", you are allowed to edit your postings only for 24h.

The topic you linked is already 19d old, therefore not being editable by you.

Same here. I found a mistake in my post that I want to correct. Unfortunately, the editing option is not longer available.
However, the option to delete a post is available.

Should I delete an entire post (quite a long one) and rewrite it?

If the point is understood despite the mistake, don't you believe doing that to be vandalizing the thread?

Couldn't you just quote the error and correct yourself?

After all, it's the very last post of the thread.

Yes, the only option is to delete + create new.

To ease the process of creating the new posting: Copy&Paste works, including formatting and picture. :slight_smile:

This time I deleted the whole entry. I wanted to see what the process was like. Next time that happens, I'll quote the error.

@tmomas @thess

Dear admins,
Can you also do something with the limitations of editing posts. I don't see the point in deleting the entire post in order to make a correction in case of an error.

or writing multiple follow up posts after something has been added or fixed in the original topic.

I agree sort of stupid. As a new user I am trying to provide information on this one device and I reached the 3 reply limit for a post and told me to either visit other posts or edit my existing posts which I can not due. Also tried deleting my reply and it leaves the reply in the post with deleted by author and still cant create another post. So trying to contribute information and I can't unless I prowl around the rest of the forum and give my 2 cents in order to become a user who can reply to a post again. Great way to help the community now I know why a lot of these posts are short with only a few replies because new users looking for help can't reply more then 3 times to a post.

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