LEDE is death hole for consumer

I see various things on that list that would cause the developers nightmares to implement on multiple boards:

  • Incompatibility with some routers (USB)
  • Space/resource issues (VPNs, updating...e.g. one of my devices has less than 64kb after flashing, doing a "full update" on that device would cause issues)
  • Briding is quite simple actually, it's much more difficult on Linux command lines to do it properly (the process of assigning bridges, VLANs, etc. is much like in Cisco)
  • Some countries, a HTTPS login might not be permissible (but this can be easily enabled using the instructions)
  • Some of the things above, I've never seen in a consumer router's GUI

I've upgraded LEDE from GUI since Kamikaze...are you saying a "Backup/Flash Firmware" or "Sysupgrade" menu hasn't appeared on your device until 17.01.4?

I agree that it isn't "consumer-friendly"...just like entering Linux for the first time...it takes getting used to.

I'm used to devices like Cisco, Juniper, etc. having these features (and even then, you wouldn't normally do something like make a USB-HDD-based file server). So, when I read concerns of thoser less savyy in LEDE, I take pause...and I'm thankful we all have a router distro to use.

My $0.02