Lede-insomnia - LEDE Latest Stable 17.01.4 build with custom NodeJs 9, eduperez/mwlwifi_LEDE's WIFI driver, Redis 4, MariaDB 5.5.58

If interested in cool firmware and packages



This is the latest only from http://downloads.lede-project.org/releases/17.01.2/

It gives you:

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Thanks a lot!

Any support for Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G ?

A (simple) XAMPP Router with attached USB3.0 Storage would be enough for most tasks.

the problem is that, it takes a long time to figure out the exact setting for this router. It is easy to build because is the same almost the D-Link DIR860L, but the WIFI is different, and the whole layout, and I do not have time to do that.
They have started doing it, but I can't even access it. So I can't support it. Sorry.

Do both versions have the latest drivers?

right now it is building, becuase there were 5 builds, now 2, but for drivers you mean wifi?
it uses the latest https://github.com/eduperez/mwlwifi_LEDE/ and the latest stable LEDE.
by tomorrow there will be a good release and verified signatures as well. so it is by now is complete.

and it is only stable, nothing edgy, for me never reboot or crash.

after this, it will be more stable of changing, but it was hard to generate the signatures and verify by automatic without changing everything.

Sounds good. I will wait for the new build and try it on my 3200

but i think i don't care about the speed so much 80 or 90 mbit, but it is working with wrt radar detection.


I got 1GB speed internet, look my Android results (Android WIFI is slow though):

For me, it is enough... (Andoird) Because my workstation is ethernet.
But my old laptop is some Intel best I had but that is like 200 Mbit as well.

This is the best:


But don't expect WIFI to be good, never be like the original, that is the bomber, this is like 75%.

But as i am saying it is building right now, about 20 hours and a super firmware will be released.
Just I compressed into 2 docker (D-Link D860L B1 and LINKSYS-WRT) everything and the GPG and USIGN and I have to rebuild everything, I worked 20 hours on it and a build is 4 hours, doing 2 at once.

But you can just even install the WIFI to try, just remove this:
opkg remove mwifiex-sdio-firmware kmod-mwifiex-sdio

That mixis up kaloz and sdio.

The firmware is not in it at all, though you can install it via opkg , but unnecessary.

Not for the build I removed the latest kaloz, because the build, so right now you can install it.

So tomorrow.


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I think this radar detector is good. That is what make it faster, but i could be wrong. But at least works. :slight_smile:

I tested on the Linksys 1900ACS and the D-Link DIR860l B1, so it works for sure with Linksys 3200ACM as well (actually I just did a sysupgrade, instead factory, so I tried 3 types). You do not even care about signature anymore, it is full. Try the:



If It says:
The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform.

Just use via SSH with sysupgrade -F FIRMWARE and it will fly...

Your links won't connect. Browser times out.

I have some limit on it, i update, hold on.
But the firmware working?

for nginx, because i got enough attack.

i increased from 10/second to 100 request /second.
is it working now?

ok, got it, the sysupgrade removed my ext root, i just re-connect, hold on :slight_smile:

it looks like when i create sysupgrade it kills the ext root :slight_smile: so i have to re-create it, luckily, i got scripts to do it... hold on. i tell you when it is done.

this ext-root, i still dont know how to restore after an upgrade, i always have to re-generate, i think it has some ID in the overlay that is not coming back, only the storage, since I have a HDD USB via overlay so that I got tons of space.

ok, i recreated the ext-root and replaced. it is working now.

I kept the nginx limit, so it is a bit slower, bit it works and slower for attacks. I am still looking for the ext-root overlay to keep after sysupgrade, that is why my cdn.corifeus.com/lede was not working.

But you have to know, in my Laptop Intel WIFI like 7260 or something it is so slow, on my latest Huawei P9 I get 200MBit easy and more.

I am getting a Sony Experia XZ Premium, I assume will be even faster.

It works very well.

I compile my own LEDE images, for my use, so am back on my own,

But if anyone is curious to try yours, they should feel free to.