LEDE 17.01.7 Build for TL-WR740N TL-WR741N TL-WR743ND TL-WR841N(D) TL-WR940N TL-WR941ND

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No core packages or essential functionality has been removed!
Includes: IPv6, PPPoE

  • Minified CSS, JS, and Lua
  • 1024KB SquashFS Block Size
  • QoS / SQM (Select one build)
  • LuCI
  • Adblock
  • DDNS
  • OpenVPN with mbed TLS
  • UPnP
  • Wake-on-LAN

QoS Build
SQM Build

Why are you using csso, UglifyJS, and LuaMinify instead of {other-minifiers} ?
These are the minifiers that I tested and worked the best for me.

Why html, htm, and svg files are not minified?
Minifying HTML files will break LuCI web interface. Plus, you do not get significant extra free space by minifying these files. Only comments have been removed in these files.

Can I install {some-package} ?
No, there is not enough space.

Why is OPKG Package Manager installed then?
OPKG must be installed so that DDNS works properly.

Can you include {some-package} ?
No, there is not enough space.
Instead, try compiling your own build and adding your desired packages.

How can I compile my own build / add my own packages?
Refer to this guide.


Great contribution. Could you build a performance-focused build with only SQM and ipv6 / ppoe? There is a build like this in the forum but without ipv6 so it doesn't work here: /