Lan to lan bridge mode

Hello friends. I need your help please. I have a linksys wrt1900 acs v2 and just installed openwrt firmware on it.

Before updtaing, i was using the linksys in bridge mode wired( not wireless) and connnected to the main router wired.

After updating to openwrt lucy firmware, i want to connect the linksys the same way in bridge mode wired (not wirelessly) but i cant seem to know how.

I have been searching online and everyone is explaining the wireless mode (wds, wifi repeater) which is not what i need.

The way i did it before updtaing was disabling the dhcp server on the linksys and giving it ip from the main router range and thats it.

Please advise me how to connect the linksys to the main router in bridge mode wired.

I would really appreciate it

You are probably looking for the dumb ap mode (even if you don’t use the wireless).


That's pretty much it, essentially too. You could disable the services you don't need, but essentially it you do the DHCP and the IP thing, that will work. In default OpenWrt config, LAN (all ports) are bridged with the wireless. It goes without saying that you must connect both cables to the LAN ports. (on most devices, you can also change the WAN port to be a part of the LAN).

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Though, it's probably waste of money to use wrt1900acs as just a switch.


Yeah the problem is it doesn't have adsl modem so i had to connect it to my main router /modem.
And if I connect it as router using the WAN port, it creates it own network and any Device connected to the linksys wrt does not communicate with any Device connected to the main router which something I don't want. From my knowledge, in order to achieve this kind of communication, connecting it through the LAN port as bridge is the only way as far as i know.

Do u reccomennd a different way?

fwiw, what authentication protocol(s) does your ISP support on ADSL? (eg. PPPoA, PPPoE, DHCP etc)

Perhaps install a dedicated ADSL bridge modem (does your existing ADSL modem-router offer 'bridge modem' mode?), and then use your Linksys as your primary ISP facing router, provided your ISP supports any other protocol other than PPPoA.

Otherwise, dumb AP mode as suggested by @psherman is your only option if you wish to keep your existing modem-router device. Why do you need OpenWrt?


As @bill888 pointed out, you might be able to put your ADSL modem-router in bridge mode, so that it merely functions as a modem, and you do everything else on the Linksys.

If your ADSL device is ISP-provided then those are often low-specs devices, and more importantly rarely receive security update. While, on the other hand, if you use OpenWrt as the main router you can keep it updated with latest security updates.

And then comes this question. Because some functionalities will only work (or will only make sense) if the device is being used as a router.


My adsl protocol is PPPEO and my modem/router is TP-link vr600 can u tell if it support bridge modem mode? I don't know.
But if the tp-link is connected to the adsl line, doesn't that make it the router and making it doing all the routing functions already?

I used openwrt because my linksys lately as not been working when i use it in bridge mode for some reason and doing a blinking power led. But works fine when i use it as router. When I searched it said a blinking power led means corrupted firmware. I reset the router and still same problem. So i thought of trying openwrt

Since it's, presumably, running stock firmware, you will need to check the manual or ask TP-Link.

I am not entirely sure what you mean. I gather from your previous post that you want to use the router as a switch (and possibly AP). I think those will be bridged out of the box already; you don't need to put the router in bridge mode for that. All you need is to connect its LAN to the main router's LAN, give it an IP within the main router's network and disable its DHCP Server.

You could disable unneeded services, but even if you don't, it should still work as a switch.


Yes it does offer bridge mode for ADSL according to VR600 emulator when I tried Quick Setup. Enter correct VPI/VCI values and choose 'Bridge'.

Once in bridge modem mode, it will no longer function as a 'router' and will not offer wifi functions. It is totally dumb. You must use another wifi 'router' wired to the bridge modem to connect to ISP (using PPPoE) and offer routing, wifi etc.

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It might be a VDSL connection.

It is a vdsl connection. Does it make a difference?

Also if I use the tplink as bridge modem, will i still be able to access internet though it? I dought but what do u think?
And if this works, should I connect the Linksys in the WAN port or lan? Given that if connect in wan, the linksys will create its own network and any device connected to the linksys will not be abl to communicate with devices connected to tplink. Any idea if there is a workaround here?

Really appreciate your efforts guys

Enter the VLAN ID

In bridge mode, the modem is totally dumb. It does not know how to connect to your ISP or access the internet.

You have to use another router to access the internet (using PPPoE), wired to the bridge modem. WAN port from Linksys into bridge modem.

ALL your devices then have to be connect to Linksys.


Then set it as VDSL.

No, it will become a modem only. Even your xDSL credentials will have to be entered in the Linksys.

WAN, set it as PPPoE and put the credentials there.

I don't underframe the purpose of having two devices. What are you using the Linksys for? How many devices you have? Disstance brtween the two routers etc.

The answer to these questions can tell you if you need two routers, a modem and a router, or a router and a switch.

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Ihe place is big thats why i use 3 devices to be accurate. Tplink as modem/router and two linksys connected to the tplink lan to lan bridge. I just happened to have them so I used them instead of buying the more accurate choice which i guess is Access points.
The fact that if I use the tplink as dump bridge modem with no internet functions is a waste of money. I gues i have to buy a separate modem and connect all router to it yeah?

What would be the best setup to have all devices on same network and all connected devices can communicate together?

Are either of the two linksys devices next to the TPlink, or are the linksys devices in other rooms, to serve wifi in the big property?

When you set up a modem/router as a modem only, you only use one of the Ethernet ports as the pppoe link to your main router. Since pppoe is by definition point to point, the other ones really serve no purpose and would stay unplugged.

Thus there may need to be another switch and there can be a cabling problem if you need to have LAN access at the location of the modem which is now not a LAN device.

Plug the two linksys devices into the VR600 using LAN ports on all of them, making sure the LAN interfaces on the linksys are set to DHCP. Done. Not sure why it's descended into a discussion about making it far more complicated than what you've said you need...

linksys devices in other rooms, to serve wifi in the big property

If I enable dhcp on the two routers, they will create their own networks and devices connected on either routers will not be able to communicate with each other. Is that correct? If yes then i don't need that.