Kong pro firmware for IPQ806x (R7500, R7800, EA8500, ...)

Can upload any time. I already upgraded my main unit that has been running 19.07 in order to test if everything works like before, so far 14 days uptime and no issues.


Wouldn't mind testing

Can you please add the package diffutils to your repo?

Looking forward to using v21 :slight_smile:


Will 21.02 be a NSS build? Or will current NSS master be updated?

21.02 ill be normal build. NSS build will continue to be on master.


Thanks. Tough choice if 21.02 is running that good :slightly_smiling_face:.

@KONG if you want to try doing an NSS build for 21.02, feel free to use the kernal patches here (if the patches are the thing stopping you):

I'm running these patches on my R7800. Seems stable so far.

I'm running on QSDK 11, but the patches should be the same for QSDK 10.

I've also back-ported @Ansuel's L2 freq. scaling patches to 21.02 from master. Will probably push it up next week, once I've run it for a while.


Hy @KONG, I am using your latest build on r7500v2, it's great except for one thing: the PHY-rate for wifi on certain devices seems to be half on the 5ghz network. I have made a detailed post here on the forum. if you would be kind enough to have a look at it.

Bottom line is, I have tried everything in this regard and it doesn't seem to work except switching to DD-WRT or the stock firmware. any ideas what might be the issue?


Hi Kong. I installed your 21.02 build today on my EA8500, no issues so far. Before, using your previous 19.07, somehow I managed to install node opkg package, but I am not sure if I got it from your repo or the openwrt official one....I have some node-red flows to drive some iot devices at home, but both your repo and openwrt repo are missing the node package now. Could it be possible that you upload such package to your repo? Thanks.

Edit: I just saw a faillog for node in openwrt repo, I think I will just have to wait a bit :slight_smile:

In case someone needs "node" and "node-npm" packages compiled for Openwrt 21.02 (IPQ806x), I just compiled them:

Has anyone noticed a considerable drop in wan speed in the new 21.02 (non NSS) build vs old 19.07? Specifically speaking about EA8500. My last speed test with 19.07 was about 3 months ago, and I had 600/600 with 1gb connection. Now with 21.02 I get 280/450. Not sure if the drop is ISP related or openwrt 21.02 related.

I'm having some strange issues on r7800 with websites not loading all the way with 21.02 from a fresh install so I reverted back to 19.07 non-nss. Speed tests are normal. I only made a few minor settings changes from default.

@KONG, thank you for adding the FRR to your NSS build repo. Unfortunately it seems that a dependency is missing in order for BGP routing to work. Any chance you can add these 2 packages into your next build ?


The 1st one is the actual BGP daemon, the 2nd one is the console to interact with FRR

Hi Kong could you please add packages vnstat2, vnstati2, luci-app-vnstat2. To both 19.07 and 21.02 repos
Thanx in advance

Thank you for awesome latest build K 5.4, r7800 , thoroughly loving it
Can you please add chrony?
Thank you

Uploading new packages right now which includes chrony.

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Enjoying, thank you for so prompt action

@KONG There's something weird going on with the NSS build for the EA8500.

If I flash to a NSS build from factory the router boots and I cannot get an IP address on any device by DHCP, nor can I set a static IP address on my computer to access the router GUI.

If I flash a NSS build from one of your other builds that's already configured and working, the NSS build works as expected until I reset the router settings through the GUI. Once reset it acts as above, no IP address given by DHCP and cannot set static on a device to access the router GUI.

It seems as though there are no default DHCP settings at minimum in the NSS build.

OK, I'm going to reset mine and check if I can reproduce it on the R7800. Maybe there is a problem in using 5.4 kernel with changes from master. Until I know what's up I remove the builds from the server.

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Can you please add kmod-ipt-nathelper-rtsp ?